SCOPE Blog exclusive: all salads and sandwiches €2.50 at BackForward all week long!


Hello Readers,

We are pleased to announce yet another lovely offer from one of our neighbouring sandwich and salad bars. There will be an offer at BackForward. All salads and Sandwiches will cost 2.50 only!!

Although young, Backforward promotes a healthy lifestyle. BackForward is located around 200m walk from SBE. They believe that in order to move forward, you need focus, energy, resilience, and sustainability. We need to increase our intake of vegetables, juices, salads, raw foods, and decrease all the processed foods we eat. Hence, going BACK and move FORWARD.

With summer coming right around the corner, we know you are all seeking that perfect SUMMER BODY! BackForward is the perfect place to embark on a new journey towards living a healthier and happy lifestyle.

This offer is available from the 9th-15th May. You can simply mention the offer and enjoy a mouth watering healthy sandwich or salad.



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SCOPE Blog Offer: 3 for 2 at SoooThai this week!



For this week only, The Scope Blog have secured a delicious deal for all the students of SBE…buy 2 meals at SoooThai and get the 3rd meal absolutely free!!


The seemingly small restaurant, located directly across from SBE, actually fits up to 50 people, whilst also offering take-out and delivery. SoooThai uses vegetables and spices flown in from Bangkok every week and is the only Thai restaurant in the Netherlands with a mention in the Michelin guide. With a reduction in prices over the last six months, it is the lowest priced Thai restaurant in Maastricht and with its free Wifi, plugs and it’s close proximity to University, it is the perfect place to host your next group meeting or chill out after a hard day’s work, all whilst enjoying a great meal!


This offer is available from the 25th of April until the 1st of May. Just mention the 3 for 2 offer whilst ordering!

Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.19.58 Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.20.14

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Craving a delicious meal in the library? We got you!

Hello readers,

We are currently approaching exam week and have an abundance of work to do. Most of you are extremely tired of eating the same old ham and cheese baguettes in the library. You may be even more bored of eating Cato Cato and are now too stressed to even think of other options. However, setting aside a couple of minutes to prepare your own meal may not only be cheaper, but may stop you from stress eating in the library due to feeling so hungry but not having many options available.

After period 3 of eating the same thing over and over again, I decided to try these easy recipes that I could take with me to the library. Not only are they quick to make, but trust me, they are extremely delicious and healthy.

Hopefully, the recipes will inspire you to save time and money the next time you have a full day in the library!

Chicken couscous:

1 onion

1tbsp olive oil

200g chicken breast, diced, or any meat of your choice

1 Garlic clove

200g chickpeas, rinse and drain

200ml hot chicken stock

Curry powder

Maggi seasoning (can be found in any store in Maastricht)




    1. Heat the olive oil in a large pan for about 2 minutes.
    2. Fry in the onions and garlic until they are a golden brown colour.
    3. Mix in the chicken with the magi seasoning, and add it to the pan.
    4. In another pan, bring some water to boil and add the couscous. When the water is boiling, remove it from the gas and set aside. Wait until all the water is soaked up. (You could boil the couscous with stock cube).couscous-pistachios-apricots-vertical-600
    5. In another pan, you could boil any other vegetables you like e.g. French beans, broccoli.
    6. Once the chicken is cooked, add in the chickpeas, couscous, and all other vegetables.
    7. If you want an even fuller meal, you could add some cut up cherry tomatoes and avocado on top of the dish once cooked.
    8. If you are vegetarian, instead of frying chicken, you could fry mixed vegetables instead with the maggi.

Hope this recipe spices up your exam week!


Written by Karina van Hoek

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Spring rings for some smoothies!


 As we are approaching exams, I’m sure all of us can say we are almost drained of energy. We just want exams week to fly by and not have to sit in those library seats.

I try to make myself a smoothie every morning in order to give me that extra kick-start to the day. Needless to say, this smoothie is packed with vitamins that have a ton full of benefits. If you have a blender, you should definitely try this smoothie!





1 Banana

1 apple



All you need to do is cut up all the fruits and the blender does the magic….

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 22.09.04


This is one of them I made this week. I hope you all enjoy the recipe. It’s fast, easy, delicious, and keeps me going for the whole week!


Written by Karina van Hoek

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Weekly Round-Ups – March


From now on every week we will sort out the coolest and most interesting events and give you infos about all of them! Check it out!



Want to release some studying stress for a night with friends out? The monthly double trouble party is here again on Tuesday 8th March at the Muziekgieterij. Party starts at 11pm-5am.


Careers beyond borders-  Maastricht’s career on International politics that brings professionals, working in various international organisations, to Maastricht for lectures and workshops on contemporary political topics. Find out more about the certain locations and times on their Facebook page (link above).


Did you just have the longest Monday and want some university free action? The social Monday allows you to watch your fellow students perform whilst enjoying a cold beer!

21:00 till 23:00 Open stage for your talent!
23:00 till 00:30 Music Discovery with a special band


2 Many Dj’s are coming this weekend to hump up your weekend with electronic music!

The party never stops when it comes to electronic music so get your party clothes ready for the 12 of March at the Muziekgieterij  at 12:59pmis Maastricht’s Career Week on International Politics that brings professionals, working in various international organisations, to Maastricht for Lectures and Workshops on contemporary political topics.


Vök is a dream-pop/indie-electro band from Iceland. Join them on Tuesday 8th March at 8pm at the Muziekgieterij. Don’t forget your dancing shoes!


Are you looking to experience the corporate world in your near future? Join the Maastricht Business Days to learn about different companies…And who knows? Maybe you could be the next employee in some of the companies. This event will take place from March 8th-9th at Maastricht University.


Want to spend your evening enjoying some tranquil music and great atmosphere?  Come to the Muziekgieterij on Thursday 10 March at 8pm.


The IFMSA Open Mic night allows you to showcase your talent and watch your friends showcase theirs. Attend this event and you will for sure have a great night! This event will be at the Café forum on Tuesday 8th March from 8pm-11pm.

Are you a cocktail lover and would like to learn to make some yourself? Come with your friends to the InBetween on Monday 7th March  and end the night knowing that at your next party you will have the best drinks!

Written by Karina van Hoek and Sarah Keane

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Stressed? Don’t worry!


It’s the night before your exam and you hate yourself for not having been one of the Germans racing into the library the week before? Your presentation is in the morning and you’re regretting all those one token beers at Double Trouble last night as you scramble to put the slides together? Your internship interview is tomorrow and you’re stressed to the max?


Although fun, student life can be full of stressing, anxiety-inducing experiences. Here are some of the best ways to cope with it all!


1. Be Prepared

Your frame of mind is very important before undertaking any difficult task and it is vital that you are as relaxed as possible. Make the morning of your event as straightforward as possible by doing everything you can the night before; pack your bag, lay out your clothes, prepare your food etc. By making your morning as smooth as possible you can focus on the task at hand.

You really don’t want to be halfway to that finance exam when you notice you forgot your calculator…


2. Fake it ‘til ya make it

Instead of thinking of every possible thing that can go wrong, take a positive approach and tell yourself you can do it, it will be fine etc. Thinking negatively is only going to cloud your mind and make it even harder to remember what you learned in that tutorial six weeks ago. Even if you don’t believe it at first, many studies show that optimistic affirmations have a positive impact on problem solving, so it’s worth a shot!


3. Meditate

No longer reserved for the hippies of the world, meditation is becoming increasingly popular. If you have 2947905 things going through your mind, it can be a good way to clear your head and increase your focus. Research has also shown it can help with stress, creativity, anxiety and relationships. YouTube has loads of guided meditations or you can try Headspace App’s 10 day free trial!

Written by Sarah Keane and Karina van Hoek

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The interview or meeting can be your runway but deciding what to wear to which event can be an overwhelming challenge. With a little help however it’s not so bad.

What you need is a quick and easy cheat sheet you can always come back to when matching together your outfit. Lucky for you, we provide you with an emergency dress code sheet that can help you last minute to find the perfect outfit and make the next important interview a breeze. Check out the informative infographic from Mannix Marketing below.

Here are five know-hows for your next important occasion; be it an important soiree, meeting or interview.

1.     Business Formal: Conservative colours

Business Formal is commonly referred to as a full suit set for both men and women. When choosing your suit set, conservative colours like black and navy are most appropriate. Match it with a clean and button down shirt with a collar, tuck it in and you are good to go. For him: do not forget your tie and belt and for her: hosiery is a must!

2.     The fit is all that matters

You do not want your suit to be too loose or too tight. Therefore, if you are unsure about your clothing fit ask a friend or family member to take a look. Even minor adjustments like shortening the sleeve length can improve your outfit significantly.

3.     Business Casual: What it is NOT

Anything that is revealing, tight, see-through is off-limits, as are baseball hats, flip-flops, jeans, and hooded sweatshirts. Don’t let the word casual mislead you. You are not going to the Alla or to a sports event and you still need to look professional.

4.     Less is more

When going to an interview less is more is a good advice to follow. A little make-up is better than none but do not overdo it. You want to look natural. Leave your dominant perfume at home and go for a light option. Plus, although your new tie is probably crazy fancy, please choose a more conservative colour. And girls: wear simple and elegant jewellery, reserve your heels for the club and choose lower conservative heels or flats instead.

5.     More is more

This concerns mostly girls. In the preparation of your interview more is more should not be forgotten. When choosing your skirt length remember that it should be knee-length and that little cleavage is the appropriate go-for. But let’s finish this – we are starting to sound like your mom.


Good luck, champ. Whatever you wear, you probably look better than you think.


Written by Philina Kuhzarani

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Awesome Active Member Weekend

Before I joined SCOPE on this adventure, I was clueless about what to expect about the people, personalities, and power the board members would have on us. The only thing I knew is that we wouldn’t have any connection and it would be a ton of fun. Before this experience, I was mostly only close to my committee, but I wouldn’t say the same now. Before the weekend, I was contemplating whether to go because I did not know what to expect at all.

During the member weekend, we would get a lot of “Since we love our actives…..” by the board members. This sentence meant something crazy was coming our way. By doing all the activities, we saw the best and the worst of everyone. Scope as an association really brings together everyone and is not only created for the committees, but so that we have social events where we get to know each other better.

Some of the activities we did included a cantus, with hilarious punishments, morning activities, and sleepless nights.

I thank the SCOPE board for organising such an amazing weekend and cherish the friendships I made that weekend.


Written by Karina van Hoek

DSC02436DSC02441DSC02447DSC02452DSC02456Screen Shot 2015-11-30 at 12.34.21

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MyBuddy Walking Shots and Arctic Heat Party

Do you all stil remember the MyBuddy Walking Shots and the legendary Arctic Heat party? It’s been a while, but such a night is hard to forget!

Let us help you refresh your memory:

The night started off with the MyBuddy Walking Shots. There were many people and thus many groups, many different nationalities and of course, many shots! All groups visited all the different houses where (not so) delicious shots and the challenging games were waiting for them.

This was just the beginning of the night, we still had the Arctic Heat party to look forward to!

After visiting all the houses and drinking all the shots, it was time to go to the Arctic Heat organised by Partylovers and Royals Cup, and dance to the ‘rhythm of the night’. At the entrance, there were awesome people welcoming us with candy matching the theme: sexy eyes that were as cold as ice and hearts that were on fire. Meanwhile, the people on the dancefloor were already shaking to ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ and ‘Crazy in Love’. The DJ made us forgot about the time so before we knew it, this amazing night had come to an end. Tired and with sore feet from dancing, we all went home with just one thing on our minds: The next Partylovers party!


Written by Marloes Pas


RoyalsCup29 RoyalsCup32 RoyalsCup33 RoyalsCup35 RoyalsCup7 RoyalsCup12

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Hey sailor

Maastricht students are getting ready for the best time of the year: summer is coming! With just a few weeks of studying left, it was time to relax a bit and enjoy one of the best SCOPE parties of the year: the boat party! Tickets were sold out, the weather forecast was sunny, and so expectations could not be higher. Here are some of the highlights of the evening!

Around 8 o’clock people gathered together at the Maaspromenade to get on board of the ship. As everyone was very excited the party was ready to start! The atmosphere at the party was really nice. You could relax and take some fresh air outside, while enjoying your glass of wine or cup of beer. If you felt like dancing, you could do so inside, where the music was provided by DJ Michael Torrentino.

All in all, the party was a success and we hope to see you again next year!

Written by Astrid Charlotte Florax

Untitled2 3 4 5 67 8 9 10

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Cheers, “jamas”, στην υγειά μας!

“Jammmas”, Jan shouted while standing up on a table in the streets of Athens cheering at the rest of us. It is a warm night, we are sitting outside a little restaurant, eating “Mussaka”, drinking red wine and reminiscing about the fun days we had on the SCOPE Foreign Trip to Athens. Here is my little diary:

Day 1:

When we arrived in Athens it was still  enough time to visit the Akropolis and the Panthenon on it, our amazing guide Sophia told us stories about Greece, I now for example know that the hill is called Akropolis, while the temple on it is called Parthenon – that is progress! At night we all had dinner at a traditional greek restaurant and after a few glasses of wine we all loved each other already.

Day 2:

Time for the most amazing day evvvveer! On our second day in Athens we spent the whole day on sailing boats. A few words should describe the amazingness of this day: Sangria, Sun, Sea, Happy People, Swimming, Greek Food, Friends and Talks. At night we went clubbing, which was pretty great too (all details censored).

Day 3:

Time for the city game.Due to several challenges we had to pass, I ended up in boy’s clothes, danced with an old greek man, got a free ouzo and sang ‘Angels’ on top of a mountain- fun. At night we went clubbing again, which was pretty great too (all details censored).

Day 4:

Time to sleep in.. just kidding. In the morning, we went to visit the Akropolis museum, not tired at all, we were all thirsty for knowledge. Afterwards, we had time to stroll around the streets of Athens and had a native lunch (Gyros, the 9th). Later at night, we did a Pub Crawl ( most details censored). It was a really relaxed night, we drank fancy cocktails, listened to greek ghost stories and had a nice dance and sing at the last bar.

Day 5:

Time to bring some purpose to the trip. Our first company visit was at Ernst & Young, one of the Big 4 audit firms. It was interesting to listen to the opinion on the greek situation of a company that is not majorly affected by the crisis. Afterwards we spent the rest of the day on the beach.

Day 6:

Time to bring some more purpose to the trip. In the morning, we visited Hellenic Aerospace, the leading aerospace company in Greece, taking a great deal of subcontracting work with major International Aerospace companies like Airbus or Boeing. Sticking with the theme, we went to visit Aegan Airlines. All companies were really welcoming and open to answer all of our questions.

written by Helen Backhaus


And here are some pictures:

Blog 4Blog 7Blog 3Blogblog 8Blog 1Blog 2blog9blog66blog 99blog 55

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It’s Healthy Sunday! This Week: Workout Routines

After last weeks kick-off it is now time to work on that summer body of ours. Do the following exercises 3 times a week next to your normal workout routine and you will have the body you’ve always dreamed off within no time! The complete workout lasts around 10 minutes given that you do each exercise for 2,5 minutes.

photo 1

Start today and say hello to tomorrow’s killer body!

#1 Around the world-plank
- Start this exercise in the plank-position.
- Place your hands and toes on the ground while creating a straight line
- Lift your left arm and your right leg at the same time
- Keep it up in the air for 5 seconds
- Change, and again maintain the position for 5 seconds
- Do this exercise for 2,5 minutes
NOTE: Keep your back straight at all times and breath normally

photo 3#2 Sumo squat
- Place your feet a little wider than your shoulder width
- Make sure that your toes are pointing outwards
- Go down in a squat position (same direction as your toes)
- Keep your back straight and your feet on the ground
- Move your butt out, as if you were sitting on a chair
- Repeat the exercise for 2,5 minutes
NOTE: Keep your back straight by looking forward

#3 Reach for the sky-plank
- Start this exercise again in the plank-position
- Rest on your left arm (sideplank)photo 2
- Point your right arm towards the ceiling
- Bring your right arm back down and cross it under your body
- Place your body back into the plank-position
- Repeat the exercise for 75 seconds
- Change on the other side
NOTE: Keep your back straight

photo 4#4 Front lunges
- Begin the exercise in a standing position
- Take one big step to the front and bend your knee
- Put your hands straight in the air for support
- Make sure that your knee doesn’t touch the ground
- Go back to centre position
- Repeat this move 5 times and then change leg
- Keep it going for the next 2,5 minutes
NOTE: Keep your back straight and don’t place your legs too far apart

Written by: Valérie de Saegher

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Student Housing- Know your rights!

Housing in Maastricht is not an easy topic for students, especially not for international ones. Since the University of Maastricht wants to create a very international environment, a lot of students studying in Maastricht are from different countries. For example I am from a small town in Germany and when I first started looking for a room or a studio, my jaw dropped when I saw the prices- and the deposit and agency fees I had to pay. Maastricht is an expensive city- but do I really have to pay that much money? I hope these following tips will be helpful with any housing issue you might encounter.


1)   Pictures are misleading! Be careful when renting something over the internet without looking at it yourself. My mom and I went all over Maastricht and saw some rooms that were completely different from the description online. However, there are a lot of facebook groups you should look at, they have a lot of offers there.

2)   Visiting apartments, have a checklist of all possible questions regarding your future living situation. Is Wifi included? How many people live in your house? With how many do you have to share the bathroom and the kitchen?

3)   Your deposit can be 1 or 2 months rent, but not higher! If your landlord wants to charge you more, that is not allowed and it should make you suspicious.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA4)   When moving in, always take pictures of the place so you can claim your deposit back. Getting your deposit back is not as easy as it sounds. A lot of students have trouble getting it back or are made responsible for damages that were there before you moved in. So the best thing always is to take pictures before moving in, and before moving out.

5)   If you have issues with your landlord or your agency, send them a registered letter. A registered letter is a letter that is signed by your landlord that he/she received it and can be used in front of court, it is complete evidence that you informed your landlord about an issue. E-mails are a grey zone, they are not always regarded as being received in court, so if you want to go sure your landlord got your message, you should send them a registered letter.

6)   Read your contract carefully and understand what you sign. I know this sounds self-explanatory, but a lot of students just sign the contract and then when they get into trouble, they realize too late that their signature is an agreement to all terms of the contract. Even the best lawyer cannot help you then anymore.


Where to go if you have problems with housing? Where to go to get legal advice and help? I would recommend you to go to the Student Service Center or go to het jurische loket, where they offer free advice to students on legal issues.


Do you have any advice or experience you want to share? Feel free to comment below!

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It’s Healthy Sunday! This Week: Beneficial Nutrition

You always wanted to live a healthier life, but you have no idea how? You snack on a package of sweets in the library and your everyday dinner is pasta? Don’t worry; the SCOPE Blog has all the useful tips that are neither excessively time-consuming nor hard to put into practice!

#1 Water is your best friend!

tumblr_lw41qvRFWe1r81cfho1_500Of course, by now we all know that water is the best thing you can come across. But just to make this clear: Water is the most natural way to remove those toxins in your body; it reduces the risk of cancer and promotes healthy skin. Drinking a healthy amount a day (which should be something around 2.5 liters) is good for your heart and gives you the energy you need to get through the long days in the library.

#2 Ever tried green tea?
If not, now is the time to do so! Green tea is a powerful antioxidant, it is known to boost metabolism and help burn more fat. The rich amount of polyphenols may help to kill cancer cells and lower cholesterol. It is a good source of caffeine (about a third of the amount of caffeine in coffee), which you might need during exams.


#3 Ok, but what is a good snack for busy days? In general, it is always better to prepare your food at home no matter if it is a proper meal or just a snack. This way, you can always control the size of your portions as well as the ingredients used. We know that cooking can be very time-consuming, but how about next time you prepare your snacks or even your lunch the night before? And slicing up a couple of carrots, apples or whatever veggies or fruits you like doesn’t take that long. If you don’t like the pure taste, you can still have your veggies with hummus or a dip made out of yogurt and spices. Or have you ever tried apple slices with a little peanut butter? Delicious and very healthy (in controlled amounts of course)! Also, you can never make a mistake with a handful of nuts.

#4 Talking about veggies …
Eat as much as you can! Mama was right when she told you to eat up your broccoli: It benefits your immune system, prevents colds, fights heart diseases, regulates blood pressure and much more. Carrots can improve the appearance of skin, hair and nails. Greens in general are a rich source of minerals (including iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium) and vitamins. Got a sweet tooth?
Well, instead of binging on the next bar of chocolate you can find, eat fruits. Not only are they delicious, but also rich of benefits. Eating strawberries can whiten your teeth naturally, bananas give you energy, cherries help calm your nervous system, grapes relax your blood vessels, kiwis increase bone mass, oranges help to maintain great skin and apples help your body to develop resistance against infections! And if you want to mix things up a bit, just throw your favorite fruits in a blender and turn them into a delicious smoothie. You can also slice up your lemon, strawberry or orange and throw them into a larger jar with water to make your own vitamin water!

Written by Didem Aksakal

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A Spanish “runaway”

In the early morning of April 16th, 24 young hopefuls of Maastricht University embarked on an adventure to one of Europe’s hottest and vibrant cities; Barcelona.

During this 4 day Study Trip organised by SCOPE Maastricht we not only visited some of Spain’s most spectacular sights, think of the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, but also 3 very motivating companies. All these companies expressed their challenges, opportunities and achievements from which we, as the next generation business stars, learned a lot.

Next to enhancing our professional skills we also excelled on a personal level. Being dropped in a group of students you don’t know was a great way to make new friends. Together we discovered the beautiful little shopping streets, chilled out on the rooftop terrace where the Mediterranean sun shined in our faces and danced the night away in some of the fanciest clubs this city has to offer!

Overall, it truly was and unforgettable experience and one we wouldn’t want to miss for the world.  We would like to take this opportunity again to thank the organising committee for all their effort and if you ever have the chance to join one of the SCOPE Maastricht Study or Foreign Trips make sure you do so because you will cherish it for a lifetime!

Written by: Valérie de Saegher 

DSC01069Photo 16-04-15 7 29 27 pmFoto 17.04.15 17 55 35 P1020053Photo 18-04-15 11 39 57

IMG_2455 IMG_2460WP_20150419_19_46_48_Pro IMG_2469 IMG_2435 Maastricht 2-4 1568 Photo 20-04-15 20 39 35 foto 4-2




A talk with.. the Secretary

Secretaries only assist the big bosses. Secretaries do not have a say when making decisions. Secretaries only do easy, administrative tasks. All those prejudices have one thing in common: They are wrong!

Being the secretary at SCOPE Maastricht is much more than fulfilling the clichés. First of all, I am the backbone not only to my own board but to all SCOPE associations. Whether at the control body meetings, within the database, or concerning the internal coordination, it is my job to work accurately, organized and professional so that my colleagues are able to rely on me and can execute their tasks even more effectively.

However, besides the internal support I also have a representative role and am the first point of contact for any of our stakeholders. Answering emails, posting announcements on Eleum, managing our Facebook account and updating the SCOPE Maastricht website are all routine tasks that fall within my PR responsibilities and are on my agenda on a daily basis. A perk of doing all those tasks is that I have my very own office desk and computer over which I can reign and rule! Another task and very creative task of mine is any kind of design activities. This year I have designed a newsletter template, a banner, a new brochure and some more projects.

One of my favorite tasks as the secretary is the work with my PR committee, 5 girls writing blog posts for THE SCOPE Blog. We regularly meet up to discuss upcoming posts, strategic decisions, promotional ideas or sometimes also to just chill out and talk about what is going on in each others lives.

I have never regretted to have taken on the position as secretary within the board of SCOPE Maastricht and enjoy every moment of it. Already now I can say that I have greatly enriched my practical skills, have made some unforgettable experiences and have met a bunch of amazing people along the way. In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht secretary next academic year feel free to send your CV and letter of motivation to or contact me at if you have further questions!IMG_0701IMG_0689IMG_1416

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A talk with… the Vice-president!

Being the vice-president of SCOPE Maastricht, I am not just a second kind of president. Besides being the attorney of the president and representing SCOPE Maastricht to outside parties, I also organize a broad range of activities that are very diverse and interesting.


Current Vice-President of Scope Maastricht, Carolin van den Adel

One of these responsibilities is to be the head of the MyBuddy Committee. This allows me to meet a lot of interesting international regular and exchange students. Because – let’s be honest here- how often do you really get a chance to meet one of the many exchange students walking around at the SBE, besides maybe one exchange student that happens to be in your tutorial? The MyBuddy program, that was only founded last year, allows you to do just that. This semester we have around 200 participants!

Together with my committee, with whom I have regular meetings, I organize several social activities to bring these 200 students closer together. An example of such an activity is the MyBuddy Walking dinner. A fun part of organizing these events is that, as one of the hosts, I had the opportunity to cook for and meet 18 new people in only ONE evening in a more personal setting. Another great example is the Cave Tour we offered twice this year, in smaller subgroups not only the exchange students but also regular students get the chance to discover Maastricht’s underground.

Since the MyBuddy program was only founded so recently, it’s important for me to continuously work on the growth and strategy of the program. Therefore, I sometimes also get the chance to travel to and give speeches at conferences such as the Buddy conference which was held in Maastricht this year and get inspired, share stories and learn from other Buddy programs.



The MyBuddy Committee 2014/2015

I am also the head of the Symposium Committee which I founded this year. Together with my six active members I created a new inspiring event for SBE students. Many universities have Symposia so now it was time that SCOPE Maastricht took over the responsibility of offering interesting panel discussions and company presentations to students.  As the chairman of this committee you are a lot in contact with the university and its different faculties as well as with the other associations.

When I am not working together with one of my committees, I organize SCOPE Maastricht alumni drinks.  It is always interesting to have a chat with our alumni in an informal setting and get to know them better, get advice and have a fun evening together. Furthermore, I am also responsible for the cooperation with the Study store and the entire book sale at the SBE.

To conclude I can say that even though I do put in around 20-25 hours a week, it is very rewarding and fun to be the Vice-President. In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht Vice-President next academic year feel free to send your CV and letter of motivation to or contact me at if you have further questions!


The Symposium Committee 2014/2015


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A talk with… the Academic Activities Coordinator!

Dreaming of a board position at SCOPE Maastricht but still not sure which one? Why not consider the role of the Academic Activities Coordinator? It’s the perfect mix between studies and fun!

11023110_10205152729969291_1303463924_nAcademic Activities Coordinator. That is a long name for something you expect to be rather boring. But let me tell you, you do not have time to get bored. The AAC is maybe not the most fun position when you hear from it in the first place, but I am hoping that after reading this you are convinced to apply for the most attractive position in the board of SCOPE Maastricht!

But before talking about my position, let me introduce myself. I am Felix, 19 years old and from Hamburg, Germany but lived most of my life in The Hague and London. I am a second year IB student and started the most amazing year of my life where I experienced so much and so many different things at the moment when I started being the AAC 2014/15.

So what does it mean to be the Academic Activities Coordinator? It means being responsible for 2 committees, in total 8 really nice people with who you are spending a lot of time throughout the whole year. It means organizing 2 Study Trips (this year it is Gdansk and Barcelona) and being the one for all academic activities SCOPE Maastricht is offering. 11039665_10205152732009342_1554755476_oThis includes Extra Tutorials, Exam Trainings, Summaries, Workshops, Guest Lectures, one-day trips and any other academic event you can possibly think of.

It means having meetings with all the important people from university and fighting for your association to get the best value for students. It means having fun with all the active members every week at the Preuverij and of course with your board! But it also means a lot of work, being willing to work harder than most of your fellow students and experiencing  more than you can imagine in one year.

I hope I convinced you that you should apply for the AAC and did not scare you too much, it is a lot of work, but every time I feel stressed, I know something fun will follow immediately! If you are still unsure, just ask anyone from one of our committees and they will tell you about their experience and tell you how much fun it is!

If you are interested in becoming the next SCOPE Maastricht AAC next academic year, please contact me at, come by the office and talk to me personally or just send your CV and motivation letter to 

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A talk with … the Treasurer!



Do you like your life here in Maastricht at the SBE, but you are still looking for something more? Maybe a challenge or some fun people to work with? Are you interested in Finance & Accounting?

If you can answer those questions with a yes, I have a perfect offer for you: Join the board of SCOPE Maastricht! My name is Fabian, I am a second year IB student and most importantly currently I am the treasurer of SCOPE Maastricht.

So, what does it mean to be treasurer? As you probably imagined, the overall task is to take care of the financial health of SCOPE Maastricht. However, if you picture me only sitting in the office all day crunching numbers, luckily you are wrong. Of course, part of the job is to keep the bookkeeping straight and process all the payments in order to make our events and activities happen and run smoothly. Another major part of my duties is the collection of the yearly membership fee. So if you have ever wondered who that guy is, sending you messages that we will collect money from your account, you are right, that’s me. Dealing with these processes helped me get a better understanding of accounting and also helped me with the courses of university in that field. Apart from those technicalities, one of the treasurer’s main task is to set up a budget for the whole financial year. This includes figuring out the best allocation of SCOPE’s resources. Of course, every one of your fellow board members wants a big piece of the cake for his or her activities, but it is your job to judge how to distribute the resources in order to align this allocation with the overall mission of SCOPE Maastricht. Furthermore, the treasurer represents SCOPE Maastricht to various external parties: You are part of the overall control body of the SCOPE framework, you regularly meet with the treasurers of the other associations to discuss financial matters, you are in close contact with the bank. What sets the position of the Treasurer mostly apart from all the other board positions (except for the president, he also suffers the same loss like me) is the fact that I do not have a committee to guide. However, everywhere I go and everywhere I am, many people surround me: Whether it is on Tuesdays having a drink or two with the actives in the Preuverij or during the various trips you get to join. As a last resort you always have your fellow board members around you, which brings me to my last point: The most important and valuable experience is to work closely together with five terrific people. You will share a lot of fun and awesome moments with them during your board year, which you will never forget.

So, in short: being in the board of SCOPE Maastricht as the treasurer makes you develop both professionally as well as personally and is an experience you’ll never have in your life again.

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht treasurer next academic year feel free to contact me at or send your CV and motivation letter to

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UMbeatable Spirit for the Royals Cup!

Have you already heard of Royals Cup? No? Since a lot of you might have negated knowing the event, THE SCOPE Blog thought it would be nice to let them introduce theirRoyals Cup 1selves. So here we go:

Have you always felt a little nobler, than others? A little more regal, supreme or stately? More ROYAL?

Don’t worry if your answer was “no” and you have a more grounded, healthy perspective on life – because we are about to change all that!

The ROYALS CUP is a new event organised in Maastricht that will allow you to show off our amazing SBE spirit. During the weekend of June 12 we are hosting a European sports tournament in which several European business schools will join us to compete for the ROYALS CUP. Forget Polo, Golf or Sailing; we have chosen the favourite sports of the people: Hockey, Relay Race, Rowing, Handball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball and Cheerleading. Of course we will rely heavily on our home advantage and as tribute for your support we have some supreme parties lined up for the weekend. Be sure to also look out for the ROYALS CUP events leading up to the event in the next couple of weeks. With more than 20 students from SBE we have a strong active member that is working hard to realize this event for YOU. They have already embodied the ROYALS CUP spirit and without them there surely would be no event.

So if the UM Spirit, Amazing Parties, Competition still do not convince you then we will have to revert to simple humility (that always seems to resonate well with the peasants): Our event is of course nothing without you – the students of SBE and Maastricht University. Therefore we hereby, cordially invite you to partake in the ROYALS CUP 2015 and make this event a success by showing these other Universities who we are!

No matter who you are, royalist, student or commoner – save the date for ROYALS CUP! Spread the word and invite your friends from Europe to compete against us and explore Maastricht.

Royals Cup 2

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A talk with… the Social Activities Coordinator!

Are you considering joining Scope Maastricht’s Board and want to have a fun position that’s in charge of e.g. parties? Then check out the Social Activities Coordinator Position!


Being the Social Activities Coordinator is not always easy. The job is not always glamorous, since nobody thinks that organizing parties and the foreign trip is fun.

Gotcha! This is one of the best jobs you can imagine as a student. You gain a lot of experience in team work, scheduling events parallel to your studies and meeting tons of new people and making new connections every day that are not only valuable for your events but also for yourself. Being a team player is key but also having the drive and believing that you can organize an event and make it successful. The advantage of my position and for my teams is that we can see the results instantly and work on improving ourselves and the events we organize.

Okay, on some days I have to party to 3 o’clock in the morning and get up the next day at 9 for my office hours, because nobody wanted to switch with me in the afternoon. However, most of the time I had an amazing night and got rewarded by 400 people celebrating the event we organized! Besides the parties I am also responsible for the Foreign Trip committee. Together we organize, plan and best of all go on the trip with 35 students from the SBE. This year we will be going to Athens and I cannot wait to experience this unique city and have an unforgettable trip together with a group of amazing people!

I work about 20-25 hours for SCOPE Maastricht every week, but it’s worth it and if I say “work” I mean organizing, planning and executing whatever you and your team have in mind and want to do! Next to that there are a lot of fun events that I get to join.

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht SAC next academic year feel free to contact me at or join us at our Board Recruitment Information Evening!

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A talk with…. The president of SCOPE Maastricht!



The SCOPE Blog is offering you special talks with the Scope Board 2014-2015. This week: the president! How is life as a Scope president and what are your roles and responsibilities?

The job description of SCOPE Maastricht president is not easy to describe because it changes every day. One thing is for sure though, whether it is developing the strategy of the association, attending meetings with all kinds of different parties, making sure our event portfolio is aligned with our stakeholders’ interests or trying to solve different kinds of crisis, the job never lacks work. Here’s what a “typical” day could look like as the president of SCOPE Maastricht!

Every morning, when I get to the office, I expect lots of emails concerning all kinds of different issues. As a president, you should always keep track of all the projects happening in SCOPE Maastricht and be ready to solve any issue that could happen. For this reason, giving recommendations to my fellow board members or making quick decisions to make sure a project can go on is one of the few tasks that is done every day. However, you often get contacted by unexpected (and sometimes very random) external parties concerning possibilities for collaborations, so you should always be prepared to jump from one topic to another. That’s where coffee comes useful if you want to survive the day.

Another task of the president of SCOPE Maastricht is to make sure things run smoothly within the SCOPE framework. As you probably already know, SCOPE consists of 4 specialized associations that form a framework which targets all studies at the SBE. Every year, we strengthen the collaboration by actively working on new projects to the benefit of the SBE student. These projects take a lot of time to set up and plan, which is why they require a lot of meetings. Most of my contact are done with the other presidents, and additionally, once a block, the student representative and a university representative joins to form the control body. These meetings are really interesting since there is bound to be disagreements and differences of opinions, and trying to figure out compromises is often hard but becomes an extremely useful skill.

Finally, I think I should mention the balance between my university work, my SCOPE work and my free time. It is often exhausting to finish with your work in the office and go home only to realize you still have some work to finish for one of your classes. However, the moment you finish your homework and you get some time off for yourself, you understand that you’ve actually been productive during the day. I remember when I was in my Bachelor, too often I just felt like I was wasting my time and I just sat there, bored… Well I definitely never felt that way ever since I joined SCOPE… As for enjoying the student life, I still enjoy every Tuesday night at the Preuverij with all our active members and the other associations which is also a really enjoyable reward for the work you put in every week.

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht president next academic year, feel free to contact me at or send your CV and letter of motivation to


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A premiere, the first SCOPE Maastricht City Trip

“Why did we not plan a trip here before”, I asked my friend while looking at the historic buildings. Even though we are only a little more than an hour away from Maastricht and just staying for one day, it is nice to have a little change from our everyday life without paying a lot of money or having to organize everything ourselves.

Last Wednesday SCOPE Maastricht organized their first one-day City Trip to Brussels. In the morning, we went to the European Parliament, the universally known place of interest in Brussels. Even though they mixed up our reservation, so the lady gave us a basic (9th-grade) presentation on the Parliament, Europe, and Politics, it was interesting and nice to refresh our knowledge.

After a delicious lunch, including a deluxe sandwich from our well-known sandwich supplier “Something Good”, we headed off to get a company presentation at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), one of the big four auditing firms, along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG. As measured by 2014 revenues they are the world’s second largest professional services network. The presentation was very informative. I now even know about each position and the appendant car to it. So, if you are on the bottom of the food chain at PwC, you still get an Audi A1.

After the business part of the trip, we were following our talented South- American guide ‘Fernanda’ through Brussels. Some of us indulged on a delicious belgian  waffle while others were looking at the historical buildings or buying souvenirs. Since it was a SCOPE trip, the day needed to end with a beer for sure. To satisfy our cravings, we went to the Delirium, a cozy pub, which offers more than 2000 different beer brands. After two hours, we sadly needed to leave this heavenly place again to head back to Maastricht.

All in all, I can say that I feel like the trip was a huge success. For only 15 euros/p.p. we had a great day in a beautiful city, got an impression of a very successful company, visited the Parliament and even got a good lunch and a beer. I am already excited for the next City Trip!




written by Helen Backhaus

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The Ultimate Bucketlist

Maastricht is a beautiful little dutch town here in southern Limburg. For some students, Maastricht is already completely discovered after a couple of months, but I dare to say there is so much more to do!

bucketListAs a Maastricht University Student, you have the obligation of discovering as much as possible. University classes are wonderful, of course, but what about the party life? Whether you are in a student association, or you just like to party sometimes at Double Trouble you MUST go to the big parties from Scope like the Winterball or the Boatparty, or the various Partylovers parties.

But most parties don’t go as long as you are willing to stay. So there is the alternative everyone (drunk enough) goes to: the alla. The alla is a must visit if you study in Maastricht.Why? Because the experience you make there is definitely one of a kind and to all the people who snort when you say the word alla, you will probably meet them there tonight.

Second point on the bucket list would be Maastricht itself. Wander around, discover Maastricht.I know it sounds obvious, but I have met a lot of people who haven’t seen that much yet. You would be surprised at what you would find, e.g. the caves or the St. Petersburg. Especially if you live on the west side of the maas, you should go and discover wyck on the other side since it has cute cafes (e.g. Cafe Zondag) and pretty shops.

Especially International Business students do not see the necessity to learn Dutch since their studies is in english anyways. But out of respect to the country you’re living in and the opportunity for first year students to take a free dutch course, you should recognize that chance and go and learn a few words, even if it’s just „hoi“ and „hoe gaat het“. Dutch students appreciate it and it’s quite fun to start to learn a new language. Also Carnival is a huge deal here and celebrated in a big manner Maastricht and is another good way of getting to know Dutch culture.

I youtubed “maastricht university library exam week“ when I first started to study and laughed but 7 weeks later I was almost in the same situation and thought this is not nearly as funny as it looks like on the internet. It’s quite crazy so you should at least experience it once.Additionally, you should try real Belgian waffels (or just go to the vrijthof and buy a pinky one).If you want to get out of Maastricht for a little while, a definite to-do would be Kingsday in Amsterdam in Spring. Or you should head over to Liege or Brussels to experience Belgium a little bit, some nice chocolate and waffles. The Christmas market in Aachen is quite nice, (nicer than the one in Valkenburg). Everything is quite close and easy to reach so why not travel if you have a couple of days of?

Let us know what’s on your bucket list during your studies!

written by Georgia Kollbach

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It’s a crazy typical tradition…

A Turkish Wedding


We all know those traditions that seem so common and normal within our own culture but once we share our experiences everyone else seems to raise their eyebrows. Given Maastricht’s international character, the Scope Blog decided to hit the streets and discover these somewhat strange stories.

Giving an insight on this week’s custom is first year International Business student; Didem Aksakal. She was born and raised in Germany but has a fully Turkish background.

Is there a tradition that is celebrated rather different in your culture?

Well there is maybe one and that would have to be a Turkish Wedding. What makes its special is that when the guy wants to ask for his girlfriends hand of marriage he would first have to go over to the (hopefully later) brides house. There he awaits all of the bride’s family. The bride in turn has to serve Turkish coffee, which is either mixed with sugar or with salt. All of the family members will get a cup of coffee and no one knows which flavour they will get. The groom will, as a joke, receive the cup of coffee mixed with salt as a way to welcome him into the family.

That is certainly a way to win your in-laws over! I have always heard that Turkish weddings have huge bridal parties. Is this also actually the case?

Of course it depends from wedding to wedding but overall I would say that there are at least 200 people attending the actual wedding. However, it is also completely normal if this is around 400 plus. This is because even very distant family members get invited too and randomly on the day decide to join.

Well that clearly is a big party then! Are there any other festive activities that take place on that special day?

ttwOnce the wedding reception is at full speed it is not uncommon for everyone to start dancing. And by that, I mean everyone. Also, at some point the bride and groom will stand in front of all the guests   and they will come up to the newlyweds and either place gold foil or money on their clothes to wish them all the best for the future.

Do you also have a somewhat weird tradition and want to share this with the rest of our readers? Let us know by commenting in the box below and take the chance to get featured on the Scope Blog!

Written by: Valérie de Saegher


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Time to hit new clubs!

So, let’s face it. You’ve been to the Café Cliniq way too often, you can’t stand the word “Alla“ anymore and just the thought of having to drink at least two bottles of Vodka to be drunk enough to hit the club makes your tummy turn around, not to mention the hangover the next morning. So why not invest in a cheap train ticket instead of the extra bottle and see what the Netherlands have to offer? These clubs are definitely worth a visit and ladies, you might even find a cure for the Maastricht Syndrome!


Located: Middelweg 12, 6191NC Beek

Opening Hours: Fridays and Saturdays: 22:30 – 06:00 and Sundays: 23:00 – 06:00

Music: Hip-Hop/R’n’B (mostly)



Mondial is the perfect example for not having to go that far to find a good club! If you’re a Hip Hop fan and into dancing, Mondial will definitely not disappoint you. Also, personalities like Fat Joe and Mila J are no strangers to the club, who were on stage only a few months ago. Going to Mondial by train will only cost you 4€ and takes you around 20 minutes to get there, so it’s definitely worth the ride!

Insider Tips: Don’t miss out Mondial’s famous Hot Sunday Nights with different specials every week like Ladies Night and Holiday Specials (Valentine’s Day is coming up)!


Check out their website and all the upcoming events on or on Facebook (

Let us know what you think and we will keep you posted about other clubs close to Maastricht!

Written by Didem Aksakal

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Welcome back!


Le Marais Deux & KOFFIE

Located: Maastricher heidenstraat 6
Perfect for: coffee, pie, soup, clothing, and furniture

Welcome back in Maastricht, are you ready to kick your next semester off with a new place to be for the best coffee in town? In walking distance of the SBE and the library, there is a cool hotspot located just to make you feel comfortable for a nice study break or some social time with friends. “Le Marais Deux & KOFFIE” is a concept store for outlet clothing, art, furniture and more. There is a perfect relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Maartje and Joost are always ready for you to serve you the best treats available, from self-made courgette soup to self-made chocolate merengue pie. Just try it yourself!

Insiders tip: I am a big fan of the banana bread. Sweet, delicious and (kind of) healthy!

Written by: Astrid Charlotte Florax



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Do you want to be my buddy?

MyBuddy Half Year Committee Report 2014-2015

Our year with the MyBuddy committee 2014-2015 started off very well in September. At our first meeting, it already became apparent that we would be a coherent team trying our best to come up with exciting events, attracting both exchange students and regular students. 
For our first activity we decided to do a walking dinner. The concept was to form cooking groups doing a three- course dinner as well as walking groups, whose members would walk to the next place after each course. We put exchange students together with their buddy, in order for them to get to know each other. The event  attracted a lot of people (approximately 60), and it turned out to be a big success! Later in December, the committee organized a Christmas dinner at the Kiwi.  We noticed that the atmosphere during the dinner was enjoyable; regular and exchange students mixing while having diverse and animated conversations among each other. 
After the dinner, most people joined to visit the local Christmas market, having glühwein and taking pictures in front of the ferries wheel.  
We are looking forward to all the fun activities, as well as  learning more about different cultures and countries.

If you want to participate in the next MyBuddy program, you can still apply till the 16th of January, 2015 here:




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Gini in a Bottle

So, who of you has enjoyed writing the first year main paper for IB students as much as I did? I came across this title when I was desperately looking for sources, probably like most of you who feel like they have found pretty much every single website that only contains the word of the topic they are writing about. Economic inequality and the Gini coefficient in my case. To all of you, I feel your pain.

GenieinabottleManaging life in the last couple of weeks was certainly not easy, that I can tell. Apart from homework that casually included reading 3 chapters and 8 learning goals to do within one or two days, we need to prepare for our upcoming exams. Oh, and by the way we need to run a household, but at the moment let us just pretend that part doesn’t exist just like university does.

But let’s be honest here: Being a student in Maastricht has its advantages, too. We basically live in a city surrounded by people around our age. And next to university, there are other things we learn about life as well. Cooking for example. I’ve been wondering for quite a while before I came here why students eat so much pasta. Well, now I understand and I myself have my very own collection of pasta to chose from. It is quick, it is easy and you don’t have to waste your time on washing the dishes for 20 minutes because the grease from the pan won’t come off. Instead I use those precious 20 minutes procrastinating with an episode of the Big Bang Theory, but that’s another topic.

Well, speaking for myself I can only say that living on my own while managing my studies is not the easiest thing I’ve been through. All I can hope for is that it pays off at some point, but until then I wouldn’t mind having a genie in the bottle helping me out.

written by Didem Aksakal

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Take a break from your everyday life and go to..



Café Sjiek
Located: Sint Pieterstraat 13
Perfect for: dinner

When you live in Maastricht there is one place you should absolutely visit at least once: Café Sjiek. This is the place where people meet to have a nice meal together, to enjoy a good glass of wine, or just for a riveting conversation over a cup of coffee.

Insiders tip: order “Maastricht Zoervleis” with homemade Belgian fries, a typical dish of Maastricht.
Nice to know: Café Sjiek has been around since 1982 and really is an established part of Maastricht culture! Located near the historic city park, it is Maastricht’s first licensed diner.

Written by: Astrid Charlotte Florax

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Time to dress up

Yes, it was that time of the year again. Last night the traditional, glamorous and famous SCOPE Winterball took place at the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Girls got out their fancy dresses and most comfortable shoes, while boys were looking better than James Bond himself. The SCOPE Blog got the first pictures of the night.

To see the rest of the pictures, check out Elyse Isebia’s Facebook page, where they will be posted soon.


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A story captured through a lens

There is a famous adage saying that ‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. Although this sounds very cliché, there is definitely some truth to it, as I have yet again experienced the impact images have on a person.

This happened while I visited the World Press Photo exhibition in Centre Céramique. The winning pictures of the 57th edition conveyed mostly emotions of fear, helplessness and sorrow but also of happiness, compassion and relief. It is this diverse mix, shown through the different categories, that portrays today’s current world.


I therefore have the uttermost respect for those photographers who are showing us what life looks like on the other side of the world. Especially the photos in the category ‘Spot News’ are incredibly striking. Those particular images were taken during the toughest situations and include events like the massacre at the Nairobi Westgate Mall, the Boston marathon bombing or the collapse of the Rana Plaza in Bangladesh. I am stunned, and at the same time amazed, that such a photographer’s first instinct is to take out his or her camera and capture that winning shot before fleeing away or helping the person.

The visit left me thus with enough to think about and above all a grateful feeling, since our biggest worry will only ever be being able to find a learning space in the university library.


Want to experience something similar? Be sure to check out the World Press Photos at or visit one of the other exhibitions at Centre Céramique:

  • Vikings in the low countries:            18 October 2014 – 15 March 2015
  • New harvest:                                       2 December 2014 – 2 March 2015

Written by: Valérie de Saegher
Pictures by: Elyse Isebia

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Freshman struggles

“Well, bye and have a good time!” Those were my mom’s last words before she got into the moving van with my dad and happily drove away. Meanwhile I was standing on the sidewalk and was absolutely intimidated, now all on my own. When they turned and were out of sight, I slowly slumped up the stairs of my new home and went into the kitchen where I met my first housemates. After introducing myself, the first question they asked was: ”Oh, American…. Do you cook?” Food

Well to be honest and the American cliché: No. I’ve never cooked before (I had the 5 star deluxe chef my mom), I can only cook pasta (with ketchup) and if I’m lucky potatoes. I don’t even know what a whisk was or what function it had. But I can tell you, it’s already November and I survived, but I guess that’s only because of my housemates, because if somebody’s cooking and I walk into the kitchen, at least a “bite” is always left over. As you can imagine I have already got many “bites”, so meanwhile I feel a bit guilty and really want to cook a good meal for the house. I have googled a lot of recipes, but many involve time and groceries and me not messing it up so I decided the frozen Aldi lasagne should fix the deal.

So to all of you reading this: If you invite me, I will never say no to a cooked meal and am always ready to dry a dish.

written by Georgia Kollbach

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Making Home Away From Home

netherlands-maastricht-skyline,0I moved to Maastricht exactly one year and two months ago to study in a beautiful Dutch city with an international environment, happy to escape from the dull routines of my hometown Frankfurt. I remember the great excitement I felt at the beginning of my studies, about finally living on my own and not having to suffer under the habitual outcries of my mom reminding me to clean up after myself. With the start of Maastricht, changes were going to come, changes which obviously involve greater responsibility and independency. However, even though I was highly enthusiastic, after a while I realized that a constant feeling of disconnectedness subtly remained during my stays abroad: I was missing home. Not even the seeming omnipresence of ‘Ze Germans’ could change that.

Being curious about others relate to the topic, I asked around what you did to make a home away from home.

IMG_2168Lydia, 23 from New Zealand

“My 20 kilo suitcase didn’t allow to bring a lot with me. I decided to pack a literal piece of home: a Pounamu Stone, typical for New Zealand. What helped to settle down is that here in Maastricht you make friends very easy, because everyone is in the same situation. However, everyone is gone over the weekend, which sucks. Also I am still not entirely integrated in the real city life because of language barriers. I have my international friends though and we often hang out at the Mandrill or the LBB together.”

IMG_2192Arthur, 19 from Belgium

“What brings home to my room is a painting my mom made for me when I moved to Maastricht. Since I live on my own, I realize the importance of family. Maastricht is like the threshold from total dependency in the past to an independent own life. You still get supported by your parents, yet at the same time you try to distance yourself to do your own thing. Then they’re mad if you forget to call. Living on my own, I also started to take care of myself. To be healthy I cook good food with my mom’s steam-pot and do sports.”


Jan, 19 from Germany

“Before living on my own, I spent three years in boarding school in England, in which I had to follow strict structures. What I really miss as a student is a daily routine. Being independent is hard. Nevertheless, I enjoy the lose life and going out with friends. Still, I go back home to Germany every weekend.”

written by Leonie Bremser

pictures by Elyse Isebia

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UM Bachelor’s Open Day 2014



Colourful balloons, bright and curious faces, parents rushing around talking to everyone while the children stand awkwardly next to them with question marks in their faces- ladies and gentlemen, the UM open day has begun.

While our university offers so much information and program, you see how prospective students are trying to take every scrap of information they can get. Flyers, gums, Frisbees or anything that has some information on it is taken, regardless if you like Frisbees or not- it might be of use someday! Since my fellow committee members and I have been in the same situation, we could absolutely relate to how prospective students feel. We made a great effort to answer as many questions as possible and elaborate on any information they gathered in the Mensa.


There were so many points where you could get information, e.g. several lectures, current students who were willing to help, Maastricht university’s social media etc. that it was really worth attending the Bachelor’s Open Day.

Personally I think UM has succeeded to make it even nicer than last year’s open day, which I attended, walking around with a map in my hand and the blue bag on my shoulder, marking me directly as a tourist/prospective student. But I instantly loved the vibe that goes with this university and this city, and our university ensured that there was this vibe again.So all we can say is:

UM you are taking us in the right direction!





pictures by Elyse Isebia

written by Georgia Kollbach

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Take a break from your everyday life and go to…


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender-1

De Brandweer

Located: Capucijnenstraat 21
Perfect for: breakfast, coffee break, lunch, and dinner

Not so long ago this old fire station has been redesigned into a new, lively and creative hotspot. The intention was to create a meeting-point for young and inspired people in Maastricht. The building and atmosphere are perfectly chosen for this purpose.

Open from 8 am, you can have a lush breakfast or just enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Moreover, they also sell lunch and in the evening they offer a lot of dinner options, only using fresh local products, as biological meat. For vegetarians there are numerous alternatives.

Insiders tip: get up early and try the French toast with cinnamon sugar together with your soya cappuccino and I am sure you will have a good day.

Nice to know: for €8.50 you can join a power yoga class.

- written by Astrid Charlotte Florax

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Nice to meet you! The new Blog- Team, what inspires you?

Valerie small

Name: Valérie de Saegher

Nationality: Dutch

What inspires you?

The 7 wonders of the world. masterchef. sunshine. Nespresso. Suits. cultures. minimalism.

Georgia small

Name: Georgia Kollbach

Nationatiolity: German/American

What inspires you?

my mom.  friends.  cinnamon.  Vogue.  the sea.  home.  chocolate.  tumblr.





Astrid small

Name: Astrid Charlotte Florax

Nationality: Dutch

What inspires you?

fashion. art. food. life. books. music. people.



elyse klein

Name: Elyse Isebia

Nationality: Dutch (From Curaçao)

What inspires you?

photography. fashion. art. nature. travel. music. books. films. yoga.


didem small

Name: Didem Aksakal

Nationality: Turkish/German

What inspires you?

the wish to achieve something great in life. success. music. starry skies. beautiful landscapes. daydreams. coffee






Helen small

Name: Helen Backhaus

Nationality: German

What inspires you?

my family. art. mountains. fluffy things. good stories. Indian food. Berlin.




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A Guide to Dressing for Success

Dress codes can be very confusing. Many formal invitations to academic events or career opportunities include some sort of attire preference. After deliberately spending some time in front of your closet, there is still always that little hint of doubt about whether your look is appropriate. And then you wonder what is worse: being underdressed or overdressed? With this little guide we want to help you make your appearance spot on for every occasion.


(Smart) Casual
Warning: casual does not mean wear whatever you feel comfortable in. It simply means that men do not have to wear a tie and for women formal skirts and dresses are not needed. Some clean jeans, polo or a blouse and a nice blazer or sweater are totally adequate. Since this dress code is quite broad, some important no-go’s have to be mentioned. For example, caps, shorts and flip-flops should really not be worn when you are asked to dress casual.


Business Casual aka Informal
This category is most common for business related occasions. A large amount of slightly different names exist which all kind of mean the same. You could interpret it as dress up but don’t necessarily suit up (ties are optional). Men can wear a blazer with shirt, slacks and loafers or leather shoes. For women there is a lot of choice. A skirt, dressy pants or a casual-styled dress with ballerinas are allowed.

“You could interpret Business Casual as dress up but don’t necessarily suit up (ties are optional).”

Business Formal
Suits and formal dresses! If you wear something else you will definitely look a bit odd next to the other invitees. A perfect example is this picture taken on this year’s study trip to Dublin when students visited ???. Looking good guys!


Cocktail/Festive Attire
When you receive an invitation with this dress code you can get ready for some fancy partying. If it is an afternoon party, men can wear a tie with a blazer, dress pants or khakis and a good hard shoe. After 8PM you can definitely get out your suit and even a bow tie. Women can go dress shopping for this kind of event. A cocktail dress, long dressy skirt and top, a dressy pants outfit or a little black dress with a pair of heels and some jewelry. Make sure you shine!

“Go all-in for a Black Tie event!”

Semi-Formal aka Black Tie
Not everyone might have this kind of attire hanging in his or her closet. If you do: perfect! If not, go out and rent something appropriate. For men: a black tuxedo jacket, white shirt and matching trousers. Wear a bow tie, a vest and black patent shoes to complete your look. For women: a formal, floor length evening gown, heels, jewelry and matching make-up and a nice hair up-do. In short: go all-in!


Written by Stefanie Creemers

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Apply now for the MyBuddy program!

944129_140880169445629_1527517859_nApply now via to be a buddy, network, get outside your comfort zone to meet new people at the SBE and get real personal insights and first contacts from students from our partner universities before you go on exchange.

Make sure to sign up now for MyBuddy before the 13th of June. Check out our website or the video here for more information.

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Tired of the Big City Life?

All jokes aside, are you in the mood for an overload of nature, sheep and forts? Look no further, take a break from the library and go watch people shooting arrows in the air and channel your inner Katniss with your friends at St. Pietersburg.


Comparing regular students to exchangers paints a sorry picture. Exchangers have usually discovered way more of what Maastricht has to offer than the regulars and one of the places a lot of regular students are missing out on is the beauty of St. Pietersberg, a vast nature area right behind the police station. Why go there? It offers several things that the library does not:

  • Fresh air
  • Watching people shoot arrows up in the air for no apparent reason whatsoever.
  • Miniature golf. MINIATURE GOLF!

On the downside, there are no coffee machines so bring your thermos.  As popular belief states that a picture says more than 1000 words, I will give you a peak of what 2000 words look like in the context of St. Pietersberg. Also there are massive underground caves in that area, perfect place to bring your parents next time they visit! However, the website claims that imagination and guts is required so be sure to be properly amped up before your visit. Maybe this song will help!


Miss your doggy from back home? Use your baby voice on these beasts instead.


Magical cave close to Belgium.

Written by Katarina Otteby


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Meet the next big thing!

This week the event “Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship” took place and has sadly reached an end. However, this is not the end for the aspiring entrepreneurs that THE SCOPE Blog had the pleasure to meet.  An intriguing entrepreneur and also current Econometrics student at Maastricht University, Quentin Delvigne, took time out from his busy schedule to attend the event together with his two business partners, Jonas De Boeck and Feranando Zabala Algarra. The three friends have together founded an art-based platform which is a tailored service for artists called Binnovart. The art-enthusiasts attended the event to gain visibility and join the pitch competition to attract more investors. The beta-version of the website has been out since 2013 and they see it as a new way to experience art.Screen Shot 2014-05-16 at 17.06.10

A slightly younger talent, not having yet graduated high school was Asad Jamal Malik. Having experience in organising events such as TEDx Maastricht, he welcomed the opportunity to attend ME Week. After his graduation which is due next week, he intends to move to Berlin in order to position himself in the city he deems to be the Silicon Valley of Europe.

My idea is about ideas - Asad Jamal Malik

His innovation entails recording ones ideas about ideas, subsequently publishing them online, which are then gathered in the form of a mind-map for everyone to see. His vision is for his innovation to by-pass Twitter and Facebook in the social media hierarchy. Unfortunately he could not pitch his idea to prospective investors and other entrepreneurs due to approaching final exams.

We hope that the participants of ME Week gained valuable insights through the workshops and by listening to the many pitches held by passionate entrepreneurs. If you are interested in pictures for the event, do not forget to check out their Facebook-page!


Written by Katherine HislopWritten by Katarina OttebyWritten by Katarina Otteby

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What is the heaviest thing you can lift?

Four girls


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Get ready for Maastricht Mayhem!

Since the dawn of humanity, our species has been assiduously researching ways to party hard. And every now and then, this impulse to rage like banshees unchained intersects seamlessly with our traditional habits. Behold the party of the year: Maastricht Mayhem!


In one of the largest locations Maastricht has to offer, Partylovers Maastricht, ESN Maastricht, Coherent Concept and many more are inviting you to party with 1500 people to the music of Michael Torrentino, Squat City, The Bald and the Beautiful – and their headliner – THE PARTYSQUAD – who have just performed at Ultra Music Festival in Miami!!!

Get ready for an insane night of music, dancing and going absolutely mayhem! Check out this video from ESN’s last big Music Hall party to warm you up and let’s get crazy tomorrow night at Maastricht Mayhem!

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Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship 2014

Do you have an innovative idea which could be the next big thing? Want to found your own start-up? Or would like to be inspired by successful entrepreneurs? It is time for the sixth edition of the most prestigious and largest entrepreneurship event in the region!

Maastricht Week of Entrepreneurship, in collaboration with Maastricht University, is a three-day event of workshops, inspirational speakers, and pitching competitions. This intimate opportunity enables entrepreneurs to network with those already successful in the business, to gain some legal advice about starting your own company, or to obtain unique business development training.


A theme of “superheroes” runs throughout the event, reflecting the enthusiastic participants and the potential impact of their innovations, as well as the 130 established entrepreneurs who have already created this impact. Their Facebook page shares the latest announcements on the next superhero to join the team!

Not only is UM powering this event, it is also sponsored by Dropbox, mymuseli, and Gulpener, with the events taking place in locations such as Kruisheren Hotel, the Town Hall, and the SBE from the 14th to 16th of May.


For students at the School of Business and Economics, this occasion enables the application of knowledge and skills learnt during complementary courses in a practical manner. Make sure you embrace this invaluable experience by signing up here.

Check out THE SCOPE Blog for interviews and news from the event!


Written by Katherine Hislop

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Go from ME to WE ! – WE Festival 2014

‘’There is nothing happening in Maastricht” is a phrase we all hear most days while living here. The truth is that this small place is actually filled with incredible events, which WE, somehow, manage to ignore. So open up your eyes this time because something very special is about to start in just a week!

The WE Festival connects Maastricht’s students, locals, and festival visitors during 6 days of workshops, food & sustainability, music & parties, and arts & culture. Its key values are sustainability, collaboration, and creation. Enthusiastic individuals and communities are encouraged to share their skills and passions with others.

In 2009, the Student Workforce for Sustainability and Development aggregated various events that happened throughout the year in the first WE Festival. The team grew from only a couple of students to 15 core members, around 70 motivated volunteers, and 100 workshoppers and artists. Today, around 300 people are involved in the creation of the WE. Events take place in 17 locations, including the Landbouwbelang, Bureau Europa, Landhuis, Intro in Situ, Korridor and many more!

If you are interested in the financials, you may wonder how the festival remains non-profit and is still able to cover workshop, material, travel and promotion costs. The WE Festival receives support from the Code043 and Novum. Further, it applied for the UM Promotion Fund and different parties provide space, help, and materials for the festival. Since October 2013, the WE core team has been working on the realisation of the 2014 edition.


This year’s WE Festival shares more than 70 events with you. These range from meditation, yoga, dance, vegan cooking, poetry and pole dancing workshops to an art exhibition, concerts and crazy  all-night-long parties!

So, it is time for you to save the date of May 6th-11th 2014 and get involved, especially when it is completely free of charge! See you all there!

For more information, check the official website of The WE Festival.

Written by Urte Kundrotaite

Written by Urte Kundrotaite


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Partylovers Boat Party

For the fourth consecutive year Partylovers Maastricht took along 300 guests on a cruise down the Maas at its legendary Boat Party. Defying bad weather, nothing could stop the crowd from having an incredible night and a crazy party, dancing to the tunes from 2 F**in Good . The SCOPE Blog was there to capture the best moments for you. Find an exclusive selection of the best shots below! All rights belong to Urte Kun Photography.


Click “Read More” to have a look at the party pics!

Read More

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King’s Day – An expats view

As of 2014, King’s Day is celebrated instead of Queen’s Day and I feel that in celebration of this essential event, it would be beneficial to examine the weirdness of this upcoming day.

It is important to state from the start – it is fabulous!

Reasons for fabulousness:

  1. Happiness – or should I say intoxication? Whatever it is, it is a happy day. People let their hair down and put their orange on. As a Swede it is intriguing how ecstatic people get from celebrating the Dutch royal family. In Sweden, the celebration of the royal family is low-key and let’s just say we do not really separate the King’s birthday from any other normal day.
  2. Orange – The colour of the Dutch and boy do they go all out! Walking the streets during King’s Day is like walking through thousands of burning suns dancing tirelessly. Only drawback is that it would be very hard to identify a thief to the police.
  3. The Dutch bring their children everywhere! – whether it is carnival or King’s Day, the Dutch include their children whole heartedly in the celebrations. Seeing children dressed up is always fabulous.
  4. The markets – only the Dutch could come up with the idea of getting rid of all their useless stuff on the King’s birthday. “In celebration of the King’s birthday I am selling my toaster from the 80′s”. Makes me wonder if King Willem- Alexander planted this idea because he is an undercover bargain hunter.


This list is of course not exhaustive and if you have any other reasons, please list them in the comments. Also, the reason to drink and party is included by default just by saying the words “King’s Day”.

Written by Katarina Otteby

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Sipping whiskey out the bottle, not thinking ’bout tomorrow

Kid Rock new it all along: summer is something wonderful and precious, a time that is way better than the rest of the year, a time where you can experience adventures and don’t have to think of the consequences. So, how should you spend those very important two months of freedom? Never before did we have so many exciting options to choose from. Hoping to help you make the right choice, these are our favourite ways of how to spend the summer holiday.


1. Volunteering

Over the last couple of years volunteering has become more and more popular. It gives you the opportunity to help people in need while getting to know a culture in a very authentic and unique way. Getting to know locals and supporting a community will not only broaden your horizon but it can also be remarkably satisfying. It is a valuable pick in combining leisure and travelling with spending your time in a meaningful way and doing something good by making a change.

2. Internship

For employers to welcome you with open arms having solely a university degree is not sufficient anymore. CVs need to be pimped with extracurricular activities showing dedication and willingness to work. What better way than spending your free time doing an internship and gaining valuable work experience? Afterwards you will be able to add ‘able to work in a team’,personality development’, and maybe even ‘enhanced self-confidence’ to your CV. An opportunity to put all that you have learnt into practice and add these new skills to your profile. Hint: Spice up your internship by doing it abroad. In that way you can combine it with travelling and will get to know another culture better.


3. Summer Job

Let’s face it; Maastricht is not a cheap place to live. Tuition fees, living costs and the rising prices in the Alla are all factors influencing the need for a summer job. Whether it is waitressing in a café, lifting heavy things on construction sites or helping Grandma Sue with her food shopping, a job brings money and money is power. So while your classmates will most definitely post pictures from their fun times abroad (see below), don’t get upset and think of how penniless they will be when they return to Maastricht while you can lean back and relax. So, screw them! Read More

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Shalom Tel Aviv!

From the 5th to the 11th of April a group of 35 SCOPE Maastricht members travelled to Tel Aviv during the annual foreign trip. Not only was the trip a lot of fun and the perfect way to get to know the touristic sides of Israel but it also provided SBE students insights into the dynamic business and start-up world of Tel Aviv. From company visits over cultural experiences in Jerusalem up to exploring Tel Aviv’s nightlife, the trip was a full success and an unforgettable experience for all participants. Check out some of the pictures below! (All rights belong to Eye on Eye | Photography)

13246587121110Thanks to the SCOPE Maastricht foreign trip committee for organizing such an unforgettable trip, it was amazing!

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Have you met…

the SCOPE Maastricht President

In comparison to the other job descriptions of the SCOPE Maastricht board, I would say the president position is surrounded by a rather vague image. Developing the overall strategy for the association, aligning the event portfolio with our shareholder interests, representing the association to the outside world and overseeing daily management. So what does the president really do all day? Lets shed some light into the darkness.


Early in the morning when I get into the office, there are normally already loads of ongoing issues that are just waiting to be solved. Answering emails, giving recommendations to fellow board members on a project or answering calls from outside parties are just a few daily tasks to be mentioned. Most of them hit me rather unexpected, so I would suggest having a solid breakfast beforehand, to be able to tackle all these tasks in an energetic manner.

1Once all operations are running smoothly again, I have lunch and change outfits. From my SCOPE Maastricht working cloth, I change into my custom-made “SCOPE framework” suit. As you might know, we actively try to collaborate with the other SCOPE associations in a lot of different projects. As these projects involve more people, they also require a lot of meetings. My points of contact are mostly the other presidents and the student representative. Together we align our event portfolios and try to improve the SCOPE structure.

A big buzzword these days is the so-called work-life balance and of course I try to get in my daily dose of sports as well.  After sitting in a lot of meetings, I find it quite refreshing to stop by at a lecture and give a quick announcement for one of our upcoming activities.

3Finally after a hard day of SCOPE work, I sit down with a nice glass of wine and try to zoom out of the daily management perspective to evaluate how the association is overall performing. Of course not everything event turns out as expected, but it is extremely rewarding to see how all the small dots connect in the end and form one big picture.

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht president next academic year feel free to contact me at or send your CV and letter of motivation to

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The Impossible List

The concept “bucket list” – a list of things to do before you die – is widely known. Some of us might already have a lengthy checklist noted on their phone, some keep it in the back of their head and for others it is posted on their bedroom wall. The thing with a bucket list is that it usually contains events that have a frozen form and are meant to happen somewhere in the far future. The “impossible list” is a similar concept but is fundamentally different at the same time: it will possibly change the way you live!
“It always seems impossible until its done.” - Nelson Mandela
While we are here in Maastricht, pursuing our studies and fully enjoying the student life, we all dream of what the future holds. Most students have (to some extent) an image of what they want from life. With a passive bucket list written at one point in time it is rather complicated to actually incorporate this list into one’s daily life. It is valuable to ponder over life’s opportunities and personal aspirations, but it is even more important to take measures and work towards them. Typically, the bucket list has a static approach with the objective to either achieve and check off a point on the list or simply fail and give up. Of course, this will not help us to broaden our horizons, chase those long-desired adventures we dream about and experience life’s most amazing treasures.
So what will? If you are inspired to get the most out of life but you don’t know how, there is one easy answer: start an “impossible list”.Why is an impossible list so different from a bucket list? The key difference is that the impossible list is dynamic and evolving, while focusing on your journey, whereas the bucket list is made up of static events and postpones them to “someday”. Someday, when I have a bit more money I will travel to Argentina and see the Iguazu Falls. Someday, when I have more time I will start training for those 42.195 kilometres in a marathon. When you are able to check something off the list, this obviously gives a great feeling. However, when you cannot get to everything on your bucket list before you die: too bad. Instead of a list that is shrinking, the impossible list is actually growing bigger and changes as you expand your limits. It is fluid, updated constantly and reflects where you come from, what is coming and what’s next. The majority of goals might be similar to those on the bucket list, both in direction and scope, but the way you approach and handle them is different. With the impossible list it is not about “someday”, but about an action today. While actively challenging yourself, the purpose is not to simply achieve a specific objective, but to enrich your life in the process. You realise that what seemed impossible a few years or even months ago, is completely different from what you perceive impossible today.
How to start an impossible list?
The world’s first impossible list was made by Joel Runyon, who runs the inspirational website “”. Have a look on his blog to grasp the concept, when to apply it and how to flourish your own dreams and thoughts. Joel grouped his goals into different sections, such as “Fitness”, “Travel”, “Adrenaline Rushes”, “Events to Attend” and “Business”. Some seem more impossible than others; it is crucial to have a balanced list in order to challenge but not discourage you. Evidently, impossible lists are unique and individualised, but some examples might just give you a push in the right direction!
“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” - Walt Disney
Make a change in the way you think now and start living impossibly!
Some examples to get the vibe:
  • Change one person’s life for the better
  • Run a triathlon
  • Get a six-pack and do a photo shoot to celebrate
  • Go swimming in every ocean
  • Do a cross country road trip and make a film about it
  • Go without internet for a month
  • Learn to kite surf
  • Climb a volcano
  • Be an extra in a movie
  • Go to the airport and buy a ticket without knowing where to
  • See the northern lights and do a time lapse film of it
  • Go to space
  • Put €100,000 in the bank
  • Write an e-book
  • Make a speech to more than 500 students at University



Written by Stefanie Creemers

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Have you met…

the SCOPE Maastricht AAC

Do you like your life here in Maastricht at the SBE, but you are still looking for something more? Maybe a challenge or some fun people to work with? Do you like organizing events to help your fellow students and most importantly, do you like to travel?

If you can answer those questions with a yes, then I may have an offer for you! Apply for a Board Position at SCOPE Maastricht! My name is Carmina, I am from Hamburg, Germany, a second year IB – student and currently the Academic Activities Coordinator of SCOPE Maastricht!

What does it mean to be AAC? – It means, that I am responsible for all the academic offerings that SCOPE Maastricht provides to YOU – the students of the SBE! This includes academic help such as Extra Tutorials, Exam Trainings and Summaries, but also events that help you to increase you soft skills and widen your horizon, such as workshops and lectures! Additionally I organize 2 study trips per year! This year we went to Dublin and right now we are already in the planning phase of our second trip – to Budapest! The application for that one is still open, in case you would like to apply!

Of course this sounds like a lot of work – and it is! But I have two really awesome committees that help me to organize all of these activities! And anyways, who is counting the hours, when you are organizing fun events, with people that become your friends over the course of your Board year?

Worried about your social life? Don’t worry, it’s not going to vanish! On the contrary it will definitely become bigger and shift – into the SCOPE community, filled with many motivated, fun and diverse people! Whilst working, you are also always hanging out with some amazing people! For example…

With my Board:

1On studytrips (here in Dublin)!

2 3Or with your predecessor who will always be there to help and support you through any kind of crisis!


Still unsure? Ask around in your circle of friends until you meet one of the many Scopies at the SBE– they will be more than happy to tell you all about it! Come aboard and make your time at the SBE unforgettable! We are looking forward to meeting you!

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht AAC next academic year feel free to contact me at or send your CV and motivation letter to

Want to know more about our study trip to Budapest? Check out the event on facebook here.

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What’s up with the guy with the torch?

We all know him, or have at least heard about him. The grim figure hovering over us as we bike over the Markt. Recently he seems to have lost some of his spark. Who put out his fire and who is this guy anyway?

3435287448_876d8d8c5b_oMeet Jan Pieter Minckelers. He was a professional in the field of thinking through things very carefully (philosopher)  and, in general pondered a lot about things considering religion ( Theologian) . He also tinkered with different things in the lab (Chemist). He also taught chemistry at a University in Maastricht. In other words, he would have an insane LinkedIn profile. He focused his research on finding a gas  that could be appropriate for air balloons. The torch he is carrying is to honour his research in gas lightning. However, due to rising energy costs, the municipality of Maastricht has decided to not keep his flame burning 24/7. Instead we all have the option to pop in a euro or two into a  grey box next to Jan which makes the torch burn for a little while.

Now you know what’s up.


Written by Katarina Otteby

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Thai Salad

Craving for something light & interesting? This is one of those recipes that rule my weekly meals! It is very quick and easy to make and you can easily adjust the ingredients in it!


You will need:

±10 cherry tomatoes
1/2 red pepper
1/2 medium carrot
1/2 big cucumber
A pack of crayfish tails
Handful of mint
Handful of coriander
1 lime
Vermicelli rice noodles
Fish sauce
Extra virgin olive oil
Brown sugar


1. Boil water in a saucepan and remove from the heat. Add the vermicelli noodles and leave to soak for around 2-3 minutes. Rinse it under called water and leave on a side to drain.
2. Cut the cherry tomatoes into half and remove the insides into a bowl for your dressing. Cut the carrot and the pepper(remove the skin) into thin slices. Peel the cucumber, cut into half and deseed, cut into medium thin slices.
3. Prepare the dressing: squeeze the juice out of half a lime into the bowl with tomatoe insides. Add a little olive oil and carefully add some fish sauce(you can always add more depending on your taste!). Add some brown sugar to remove the bitterness. Mix it all together.
4. Put the noodles, vegetables and crayfish into a big bowl. Add the coriander and mint and pour the dressing on top.


Some notes:

I realised some people like the dressing better without the tomatoe insides, so you may as well remove that. I will add grapefruit in the summer too, it makse it even lighter! Also, sometimes I have no mint/coriander/seafood – works perfectly fine without all of those too!

P. S. Don’t throw away the stems from the mint – makes a great tea!



Written by Urte Kundrotaite

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Have you met…

the SCOPE Maastricht Treasurer

Being the Treasurer of SCOPE Maastricht brings of course a lot of responsibility since I am taking care of the financial health of SCOPE Maastricht. However, being the Treasurer teaches me a lot in terms of accounting and how to structure my work in order to keep track of my broad area of tasks.  If you picture me only sitting in the office, day-by-day, trying to keep the bookkeeping straight you are wrong, at least a little bit. However I do have to cope with the Day-to-Day operations such as processing all the payments in order to make our events and activities happening.  Another major part of my duties is the collection of the yearly membership fee. So if you have ever wondered who that guy is, sending you messages that we will collect money from your account, you are right, that’s me. This process enabled me to develop my excel skills to a rather advanced level since I am working a lot with Microsoft Office in order to keep track of all our members.

firstTo keep our association financially healthy and stable it is really important to keep track of all our expenditures and revenues. To make my live a little bit easier it is inevitable to set up a budget for all the different activities that SCOPE Maastricht is organizing throughout the year. Most of the times everything goes according to plan but sometimes it just doesn’t. But if the understanding and overview of the budgeting process develops these issues vanish rather fast. Of course, everything we spent and everything we receive needs to be somewhat documented. Therefore, a major task of the Treasurer is indeed the book keeping. So if you already have some interest in accounting this is exactly the right position for you. You will develop your accounting skills really fast and can actually apply the theory you study in practice.

mittelSince I am engaged in all the transactions I also need to stay in close contact with our banks. Therefore, sometimes it is necessary to schedule bank related meetings. Maybe this does not sound like a lot of fun to talk about some different rules and regulations but actually it helps a lot in understanding the entire process of what is actually going on behind the scene of online banking.  What sets the position of the Treasurer mostly apart from all the other board positions (except for the president, he also suffers the same loss than me) is the fact that I do not have a committee to guide. However, everywhere I go and everywhere I am, many people surround me. Either other committee members adopt me or I spend my time with my fellow treasurers, since most of them also do not have a committee. So we kind of share our loneliness in harmony and peace. Speaking of which, being in the Board of SCOPE Maastricht also makes you responsible for internal Treasurer meetings. It is of great importance to schedule Treasurer meetings to get and receive regular updates. And if I still have any questions or concerns I am always welcome to come by their offices and talk about some accounting related stuff or to grab a coffee and catch up on the latest news.

lastComing to the end I think it is now time to mention one of the most exciting tasks within my Treasurer position. Twice a year I have to prepare and present the financial statements of SCOPE Maastricht. Of course it is a lot of time that I need to invest, but as I mentioned before, with a slight interest in accounting, being surrounded by the Balance Sheet, the Income Statement and the Cash Flow Statement, makes my day even a greater success.  Overall I can say that this position helped me a lot in order to understand the administrative processes in an association and I have developed even greater skills in the field of accounting, which I think are quite beneficial if you are interested to proceed with an accounting related track.

So if you are interested to take on this interesting task and want to become the next Treasurer of SCOPE Maastricht send your CV and letter of motivation to or contact me at if you have any further questions.

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Powerful Study Tips

A fun and vibrant life with loads of free time for hobbies and other side activities is what every student wants. However, next to a demanding university education, the amount of actual free time can be very limited. One way to tackle this problem is to become more productive. These four powerful study tips will help you get through your study in a more efficient and effective way and probably save some valuable time.


Profile your habits
We all have different times and phases in the 8-week period where we are most productive. Maybe you’re that morning person who does not have any problem with 8.30AM tutorials (and probably goes back to sleep afterwards). Maybe you perform best under heavy pressure and revise all the theory in the week before exams. Or maybe you neatly spread the workload over the 7 weeks and put your feet up during exam time while the majority is completely stressed out. To come to the point; everybody studies differently. Figuring out what works best for you and, more importantly, sticking to it, will bring peacefulness and increase your productivity.

Make a routine
Once you have profiled your habits, start setting up daily routines. These routines can vary throughout the weeks as the workload changes. Simply having a fixed time for your alarm clock is the first step. When you decide to wake up at 9.00AM, for example, have a shower and a light breakfast and then start preparing your work at 9.45AM, you train your body to snap into study mode. After a few days or weeks your body gets used to this rhythm and will know that after breakfast your brain needs to switch on to study!


Split your tasks up
One week before exams a lot of students start to feel swamped. While finishing the last week of tutorials and deadlines, it is also time to get going with the “real” studying. The gigantic to-do list that comes with it can be extremely overwhelming and discouraging. Some students feel so dispirited by the workload that they decide to take a nap instead. When big tasks are broken up into smaller ones and hence become more manageable, it is easier to get an overview. Also, when finishing a smaller task a sense of accomplishment and direction in your work will spark your motivation.

Reward yourself
A reward – a fair return for good or bad behaviour – can be interpreted very freely, especially as the word “fair” is a rather relative term. A reasonable and smart reward system however, can have considerable advantages for your productivity. Buy yourself your favourite sweets or cookies and slowly work your way through them while taking notes or completing a chapter. Depending on your current diet you can decide on the amount and speed of your indulging. A small break is another example for an appropriate reward. It rejuvenates and leads to increased productivity in the long run.



Written by Stefanie Creemers

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Have you met…

the SCOPE Maastricht Vice-President?

Being thstephe vice-president of SCOPE Maastricht, I am not just a second kind of president. Besides being the attorney of the president and representing SCOPE Maastricht to outside parties, I also organize a broad range of activities that are very diverse and interesting.

One of these responsibilities is to be the head of the MyBuddy Committee. This allows me to meet a lot of interesting international regular and exchange students. Because – let’s be honest here- how often do you really get a chance to meet one of the many exchange students walking around at the SBE, besides maybe one exchange student that happens to be in your tutorial? The MyBuddy program, that was only founded this year, allows you to do just that. This semester only we have 200 participants!

Together with my committee, with whom I have regular meetings, I organize several social activities to bring these 200 students closer together. An example of such an activity is the MyBuddy Walking dinner. A fun part of organizing these events is that, as one of the hosts, I had the opportunity to cook for and meet 18 new people in only ONE evening in a more personal setting.

traSince the MyBuddy program was only founded so recently, it’s important for me to continuously work on the growth and strategy of the program. Therefore, I sometimes also get the chance to travel to and give speeches at conferences such as the Buddy coordinator day in Eindhoven and get inspired, share stories and learn from other Buddy programs.

I am also the head of the master committee, with whom I organize social activities as well as one Master Study trip. Besides from arranging the flight, hostel, company visits and dinners, I also get to enjoy the benefits of participating in a studytrip with 20 other motivated students and discovering beautiful cities, such as Berlin.

berWhen I am not working together with one of my committees, I organize SCOPE Maastricht alumni drinks.  It is always interesting to have a chat with our alumni in an informal setting and get to know them better, get advice and have a fun evening together.

To conclude I can say that even though I do put in around 20-25 hours a week, it is very rewarding and fun to be the Vice-President. In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht Vice-President next academic year feel free to send your CV and letter of motivation to or contact me at if you have further questions!

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How NOT to Behave in the Library

Undoubtedly, there is never a dull moment at the inner city library of Maastricht University. According to the Maastricht University Confessions page on Facebook, the most bizarre things are happening in this beloved building. But the main goal of most students who enter the library is to study in peace, preferably as efficient as is possible! And with so many students trying to get work done (a large amount of them representing the SBE) some unofficial etiquettes are crucial for a pleasant atmosphere.

“According to the Maastricht University Confessions page, the most bizarre things are happening in our beloved library.”

However, as it seems, not everyone is aware of those informal rules. Better said – some people seem completely oblivious to their level of annoyance. With your input we captured some of the most irritating behaviour encountered in the library and it boiled down to the two following categories.


1. Food

Some snacks just don’t belong in the library. We’re talking overly smelly or crunchy foods, foods with excessive packaging, or foods where you have to make a lot of noise just to digest them. Then there is of course the big difference in how people consume food: mouth half open, ending with a burp… it is all very real! Forcing your fellow students to join you in your meal, thereby making them either nauseous or hungry, is the number one source of irritation.

2. Noise

Conversations via Skype, phone or voice message about someone’s fruity love life or last night’s adventures are not what you want to listen to when studying. People engaging in a conversation with their neighbour – whispering but fully comprehensible to the students within a circle of 5 meters – is also very common and highly distracting. Lastly, remaining in the noise category are coughing or snuffling, dramatic turning of book pages, humming random melodies and nail ticking.

Studying_by_acrobatikdanIn spite of all those irritations and other strange happenings, a very big number of students appreciate the atmosphere and all the facilities offered in the library and this makes it – especially during exam time – the heart of the academic student life.


Written by Stefanie Creemers

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Have you met…

…the SCOPE Maastricht Secretary?

Secretaries only assist the big bosses. Secretaries do not have a say when making decisions. Secretaries only do easy, administrative tasks. All those prejudices have one thing in common: They are wrong!

Being the secretary at SCOPE Maastricht is much more than fulfilling the clichés. First of all, I am the backbone not only to my own board but to all SCOPE associations. Whether at the control body meetings, within the database, or concerning the internal coordination, it is my job to work accurately, organized and professional so that my colleagues are able to rely on me and can execute their tasks even more effectively.

Foto 4

However, besides the internal support I also have a representative role and am the first point of contact for any of our stakeholders. Answering emails, posting announcements on Eleum, managing our Facebook account and updating the SCOPE Maastricht website are all routine tasks that fall within my PR responsibilities and are on my agenda on a daily basis. A perk of doing all those tasks is that I have my very own office desk and computer over which I can reign and rule!


One of my favorite tasks as the secretary is the work with my committee. Not only do we publish a magazine twice a year but we have also launched THE SCOPE Blog (on which you are browsing right now). We regularly meet up to discuss upcoming posts, strategic decisions, promotional ideas or sometimes also to just chill out and talk about what is going on in each others lives.


I have never regretted to have taken on the position as secretary within the board of SCOPE Maastricht and enjoy every moment of it. Already now I can say that I have greatly enriched my practical skills, have made some unforgettable experiences and have met a bunch of amazing people along the way. In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht secretary next academic year feel free to send your CV and letter of motivation to or contact me at if you have further questions!

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What is the most interesting thing you can see out of your nearest window?
- In the library: people, and at home there was a bird sitting right outside my window in the morning.
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Have you met…

… the SCOPE Maastricht SAC?

Being the Social Activities Coordinator is not always easy. The job is not always glamorous, since nobody thinks that organizing parties and the foreign trip is fun.

Gotcha! This is one of the best jobs you can imagine as a student. You gain a lot of experience in working with teams, scheduling events parallel to your studies and meeting tons of new people and making new connections every day that are not only valuable for your events but also for yourself. Being a teamplayer is key but also having the drive and believing that you can organize an event and make it successful. The advantage of my position and for my teams is that we can see the results instantly and work on improving ourselves and the events we organize.


Okay, on some days I have to party to 3 o´clock in the morning and get up the next day at 9 for my office hours, because nobody wanted to switch with me in the afternoon. However, most of the times I had an amazing night and got rewarded by 400 people celebrating the event we organized! Besides the parties I am also responsible for the Foreign Trip committee. Together we organize, plan and best of all go on the trip with around another 30 students from the SBE. This year we will be going to Tel Aviv and I cannot wait to experience this unique culture and have an unforgettable trip together with a group of amazing people!


I work about 20-25 hours for SCOPE Maastricht every week, but its worth it and if I say “work” I mean organizing, planning and executing whatever you and your team have in mind and want to do!

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht SAC next academic year feel free to contact me at or join us at our Board Recruitment Information Evening tonight!


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Maastricht – the capital of culture or the capital of pollution?

Without a doubt Maastricht can enchant you with its beautiful architecture and traditional spirit. Even though the city is charming, due to its historical and cultural background, it is one of the most air-polluted cities in the region. Although there is (to name a few) Mandril Cultural Centre and Landbouwbelang, as well as cafeterias that sell Bionade and Fairtrade products, and “green” student associations, you may think that the city is still lacking innovative ideas that will make a change.


However, the city was ambitious enough to join forces with Maastricht University and create “Platform Cool Maastricht” which aims at reducing CO2 emissions by 20% by 2020 and to be carbon neutral by 2030. Changing the climate, whilst having a reliable and affordable energy source, is an appreciable idea. Nevertheless it is still placed far in the future. So what about now? I am convinced that you are passing by at least one bus per week, so next time take a closer look for the sticker “Maastricht Bereikbaar” on the back of the bus. This project aims at advising businesses and organisations on sustainable mobility solutions. Due to the fact that Maastricht is one of the most popular shopping areas in the Netherlands, you can easily imagine the volume of transportation in and out of the city. Hence, Maastricht Bereikbaar aims to reduce the amount of congestion and promotes the use of gas and electric cars in order to redistribute products.

Read More

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Make your voice heard – Maastricht’s municipal elections

On the 19th March 2014 the elections for the municipal council will be held. Every four years the electorate of the over 400 municipalities in the Netherlands get the right to vote for a representative of a political party.  This election determines the composition of the municipal councils for the following four years.

For us students these local elections are of great importance, as the elected officials make decisions which affect our lives. Think nightlife licenses, cars in the city center, subsidy for De Muziekgieterij, the number of events at the Vrijthof or the quota for students allowed per area.

This is the opportunity to make your voice heard.

If you’re registered as a resident in Maastricht, you probably already received your personal “stempas”. It is the blue and orange card with information about your voting rights and it verifies that you are allowed to vote.


What is most important?

  • Date and time. You can vote on Wednesday March 19th between 7.30AM and 9PM.
  • The address on the left tells you where the closest polling station is.
  • You are required to bring your “stempas” and a valid identification card to the polling station.

Twelve parties are represented in Maastricht and it is up to you to choose one. The “stemwijzer” can help you with this: your answers to the questionnaire are arranged in a way that shows you which party matches your viewpoint best. Unfortunately, the website is not available in English, but maybe a helpful Dutch-speaking student or Google Translate can lend a hand!

 Are you making your voice heard on the issues that concern you?

Written by Stefanie Creemers

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TEFAF Maastricht

Fancy a day indulging in the most valuable pieces of art in the world alongside the most knowledgeable people in the business? Here’s an event that will release the inner van Gogh in you!

Despite the negative connotations we all have of the MECC, one mustn’t forget that once a year it is also home to the world’s greatest art and antiques fair: TEFAF (The European Fine Art Fair) Maastricht. Every spring for the past 25 years, Maastricht has been a hot spot for art dealers, museum directors, and art collectors to view the showcase for the best works of art currently on the market.

Tefaf 2013

So what makes TEFAF so prestigious?

It all boils down to the way the art is evaluated: 175 international experts in 29 different categories examine every piece of art for quality, authenticity and condition. The Fair is said to present up to 30,000 artefacts, from 19 countries, worth billions of euros, covering 7,000 years of history.

It is of no surprise then that this event attracts many VIPs, and last year Maastricht welcomed Kanye West. However, he was also joined by another 72,000 visitors who consumed 15,000 glasses of champagne and 31,000 of glasses of wine over the period of the event!


TEFAF Maastricht 2014 begins on the 14th March and closes on the 23rd March (just in time for period 4 exams, few). Although you won’t be taking a private plane like Calvin Klein and Brad Pitt, you can also take your bike across the river to join the world-renowned event for €60 a ticket, just click here.

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Books, Books, Books

It sometimes seems hard to pick up a novel after having spent the entire day in the library trying to push through tons of pages for Marketing, Finance etc. Nevertheless, once overcome one’s weaker self, reading a good book can be substantially more relaxing and satisfying than hanging out in front of the usual reality TV show. Here are some of our favourite picks!

And the Mountains Echoed

Khaled Hosseini (2013)

01_ And the Mountains EchoedThis novel has been awarded with being one of the best books of 2013 by numerous institutions. Written by the renowned author of The Kite Runner, this masterpiece tells a story of how we love, how we take care of one another, and how the choices we make resonate through generations. The author explores the many ways in which families nurture, wound, betray, honour, and sacrifice for one another; and how often we are surprised by the actions of those closest to us, at times that matter most. It is a powerful story which many people can relate their own relationships they have with the people they are closest to; their own family.


Thinking Fast and Slow

Daniel Kahneman (2011)

02_Thinking Fast and SlowEngaging the reader in a lively conversation about how we think, Kahneman reveals where we can and cannot trust our intuitions and how we can tap into the benefits of slow thinking. He offers practical and enlightening insights into how choices are made in both our business and our personal lives, and how we can use different techniques to guard against the mental bugs that often get us into trouble. Highly interesting, Thinking, Fast and Slow is not only written in an easy to understand and an enjoyable way but will also transform the way you think about thinking.


The Alchemist

Paulo Coelho (1988)

03_The AlchemistOne of the best-selling books in history, this beautifully written tale is a must read for every young spirit. Paulo Coelho tells a story about Santiago, a young shepherd from Andalusia who goes out into the world to travel and find his destiny. The treasures he encounters along the way teach the reader fundamental things about listening to his own heart, learning to read the omens of life and most importantly following his dreams. Whether reading it for the first time or going over one’s favourite passages again, this book never fails to move the reader and leave a mark behind.


Tender is the Night

F. Scott Fitzgerald (1934)

04_Tender is the NightHaving slightly been cast into the shadow of The Great Gatsby, one of Fitzgerald’s other novels Tender is the Night is a secret treasure that can easily compete (if not beat) his world famous predecessor. Set in the French Rivera in the 1920s the story revolves around Nicole and Dick Diver who are a wealthy, elegant and magnetic couple. They draw numerous admirers to them, none more so than the blooming young starlet Rosemary Hoyt. When Rosemary falls for Dick, the Diver’s calculated perfection begins to crack. As dark truths emerge, Fitzgerald shows both the disintegration of a marriage and the failure of idealism. Tender is the Night is as sad as it is beautiful, and again composed in Fitzgerald’s unique and magnificent style of writing.


The Circle

Dave Eggers (2013)

05_The CircleHarshly criticizing the ‘circle’ (hinting strongly at the multinational Google), Dave Eggers has achieved a viral buzz around his book, resulting in it being one of the most popular novels of 2013. His story introduces Mae Holland who is hired to work for the Circle, the world’s most powerful Internet company, and feels she’s been given the opportunity of a lifetime. What begins as the captivating story of one woman’s ambition and idealism soon becomes a heart-racing novel of suspense, raising questions about memory, history, privacy, democracy, and the limits of human knowledge. Maybe it is not the best-written book there is out there, but it is definitely interesting to read about how Eggers brutally criticizes what happens to be one of today’s most powerful companies in the world.


Written by Lilly Uezsal

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 Would you rather be the guy in the movie that gets the girl or the baddie with all the good lines?
-  Baddie, would be nice to be both though.
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Music as a Business

Some say that if you start treating your music as a business it is doomed to fail. In the same way, a common prejudice about business students is that unless it comes to altering the books, there is no way to be creative. However, the attention given to successful artists treating their talent and skill as a business has made a lot of people revise their perception of creativity and business as something mutually exclusive. The Scope has talked to two prospering DJs studying International Business at the SBE that use their acquired knowledge from University to aid them in the quest of being successful DJs.

“There is nothing to describe the feeling you get, seeing the happiness in the crowd’s faces when they dance like there is no tomorrow.”

toofuckinggoooodWe have all been there, the perfect night, the perfect company, busting out the not so perfect dance moves while moving to the tunes served on a silver plate by the perfect DJ.

So how does one go from being a part of the dancing crowd to being the DJ supplying the music? For Paul Schraven, best known at the SBE as the DJ from the Scope Winterball 2013 and one half of the DJ duo “2 F’in Good”, music has always been a passion, having been an acoustic bass player for almost 15 years. Read More

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Carnival! What’s the story behind the fancy dress, the parties, and parades?

What comes to your mind when thinking about carnival? Perhaps it’s the holidays spent with friends and family, the opportunity to dress up or the excitement of socially accepted day drinking, but what does the celebration of carnival really symbolise? Maybe you are already aware of the important role the number eleven plays in the carnival, or you just know November 11th as the first glimpse of the exciting carnival preparations, which subsequently follow. Despite often-conflicting opinions upon the explanation of the number eleven, it has built up a mystical and magical value over time, one of which is that eleven is the original “fools number”.


The upcoming carnival in Maastricht is held in typical Limburgish style, with a feast of eating and drinking, usually lasting three days proceeding Ash Wednesday and Lent. Thus, traditionally carnival was the last opportunity to eat well before the time of fasting. However, nowadays the carnival period is bombarded by a broad array of brightly coloured costumes, live music and patriotism, not to forget, that to many of us, it is also just a great excuse to get merry! Read More

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Active Members’ Activity

Being a part of SCOPE Maastricht does not only entail blood, sweat and cheers. Once a block, the different committees come together for a night of bonding, and on Wednesday it was time to bring the competition to the bowling lanes!

DSC00599Being active in SCOPE Maastricht is not only about working together with your committee but also about spending time with the whole organisation – the perfect way to get to know new people.

DSC00607So far in the academic year we have had an evening of drinks and dinner at Kiwi, as well as a weekend away in Antwerp consisting of a city tour, brewery visit and partying! Read More

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Kitchen Revolution

Our new blog has just opened its virtual door to you, and one of the segments in it include many magical recipes. We all know how little free time we get in Maastricht, but I always believe that everyone should allow themself time to enjoy their food on a budget. My goal is to provide you with some easy recipes so that you can make your own little kitchen revolution and change your every day pasta or pizza to something more exciting – either for you or for your dinner party.

Vegetable Red Thai Curry

This is one of my favourite meals and I have to admit – it is pretty easy to make!


You will need (serves 4):

3 cans of coconut milk
± 4 tablespoons of red thai curry paste
±1 tablespoon of sunflower oil
1 broccoli
1 pack of cherry tomatoes
1 butternut squash
± 8 mushrooms
2 limes
Basmati rice
Salt, pepper and fresh/dried coriander to taste


  1. Cut up all the vegetables but the cherry tomatoes.
  2. Put the coconut milk in a saucepan, while heating the sunflower oil in a frying pan and adding the curry paste. Fry on medium/high heat for 3-5min. Add the paste to the saucepan with the coconut milk, stir and bring to boil.
  3. While doing step 4, start preparing the rice.
  4. Reduce the heat to light boiling, add the butternut squash and boil for around 5 minutes until it slowly starts softening. Then add the broccoli and continue to boil for another 3 minutes. Add the mushrooms and shortly after add the cherry tomatoes. Leave it to simmer and add some lime juice or simply add the whole 2 halves of a washed lime into the pan.
  5. Serve in deeper bowls with rice by putting the curry on top. Sprinkle with some coriander and add a quarter of a lime for everyone to squeeze on their meal.

Voilà !

Some notes

First of all, instead of butternut squash, you can always use pumpkin or sweet potatoes. For the meat lovers out there, adding chicken fits perfectly fine. Use the curry paste by taste, it also varies by brand, so base everything on how spicy you eat. Never use olive oil for frying; this is why sunflower oil is a great alternative. Basmati rice has to be carefully prepared, so try not to get any air into the pan while boiling it.

Written by Urte Kundrotaite


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Is cryptocurrency the vehicle to use in reclaiming our economic freedom?

Tuur Demeester, lecturer in the topic of bitcoins, former writer of the financial newsletter and financial freedom fighter. THE SCOPE had the pleasure of meeting with Mr. Demeester before his lecture concerning bitcoins at the SBE on the 5th of February, where he gave his personal views on the future of bitcoins and the potential role it could play in the world economy.

Even though bitcoins have typically been mentioned in the news in the same breath as investment, making serious bank and a way for suspicious characters of the underworld to pay for their products on the Silk Road, there is much more to bitcoins than what the news usually tells us. Mr. Demeester is travelling around the world spreading the word on how bitcoins can be regarded as a valid solution to safe money placement for people living in countries plagued by the financial crisis or a corrupt government.

“I failed dozens of times. And it was interesting, for it continuously brought me a new context and new environment and also taught me to look a little bit outside the box.”


Tuur Demeester, originally from Bruges in Belgium, has spent some time in Latin America and the reasons for him to go were many.

-         - Ever since 2005, I have been worried about what is happening in Europe economically and what is simmering under the surface. Looking at all the debt in the system and looking on how fragile the banks are. Governments are over their heads in to debt but so are even families and companies. So, I wondered where all of this is leading, a lot of people don’t seem to have the answer so that is also why I went to Latin America: to learn about crisis and how it works. What happens when there is hyperinflation, what happens when the bank shuts down, because obviously life goes on… Read More

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Whatever… It was amazing!

On January 21st, Partylovers Maastricht had another awesome party at D’n Hiemel.

The skills blocks of the SBE are widely known to be two weeks of constant partying. These two weeks have a reputation for not being overly demanding, thus allowing for many nights out and enjoying oneself. Partylovers Maastricht took the next step and created a whole night based on that theme: Whatever – F*ck it, it’s Skills! The people’s response showed that they had hit a nerve. Pre-sale sold out in just two days and even more insanity followed at the night of the event where the last 80 tickets at the door sold out in just 17 minutes.1014705_629573743778609_1062350966_o1504302_629565453779438_1279133349_o

1275432_629571993778784_2017697300_oGoing with the “Whatever” theme, Partylovers Maastricht had organized a wide array of gimmicks and surprises, including animal masks, big glowing foam sticks and even bigger beach balls just to name a few. The latter caused a bit of a problem when one of them landed in the bar and sent some beers flying, but seriously, who could have anticipated that? We are economists, not scientists after all. Besides this incident, the evening was a full success. Maastricht-based DJ and producer “DJ Mach’s Selber” mixed hip-hop and electro and dusted the sound system while the Partylovers Maastricht crew mixed with the masses to serve Jägermeister shots straight from the bottle. It was an unforgettable night!

1654697_629568943779089_304850871_o 1063925_629568127112504_1175335887_o1415104_629572920445358_1515186387_o

Next up from the Partylovers Maastricht crew is a different take on the many carnival parties that can be found throughout our city. At the “Maasquerade”, 300 masked guests will get the chance to fill the classic La Bonbonnière with a modern take on the Venecian carnival. Dressed in casual-chic and supported by DJ-duo Squat City this is destined to become an amazing night.

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The Advantages of a SCOPE Membership

The majority of SBE students are members of SCOPE.  In fact, with a member base of more than 3000 students SCOPE has become the largest Study Association in Maastricht. Of course, there is a reason why so many students decide to sign up for SCOPE. The benefits of membership are wide-ranging and we listed a few for you below.


- Access to study material and a discount on books in the book store in the SBE

- Study trips with company visits (for example to Milan or Dublin)

- Foreign trips to countries such as Morocco or Israel

- Exam trainings and extra tutorials to help you through your studies

- Workshops (for example on presentation skills)

- Amazing parties and social events

- Access to affiliated companies and sponsors

- Career Events, such as the Maastricht Business Days


If you want to benefit from all these great things SCOPE has to offer to make your student life a bit brighter and easier, then sign up here.




Written by Stefanie Creemers

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Welcome to THE SCOPE Blog!

To improve is to change and change has once again struck SCOPE. New year, new committee and new challenges. THE SCOPE Blog is our latest challenge and we hope to be the blog you browse through when you need a break from all your studying. How will we grab your attention? After all we cannot expect to grab it so easily whilst you are probably busy “tap tap tapping” away on your calculator. Thus, we will enchant you by writing articles from a student perspective about the SBE, SCOPE, Lifestyle, Maastricht and its inhabitants. We are looking forward to becoming a permanent feature in your student-life!

- The Magazine Committee of SCOPE Maastricht


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