Gini in a Bottle

So, who of you has enjoyed writing the first year main paper for IB students as much as I did? I came across this title when I was desperately looking for sources, probably like most of you who feel like they have found pretty much every single website that only contains the word of the topic they are writing about. Economic inequality and the Gini coefficient in my case. To all of you, I feel your pain.

GenieinabottleManaging life in the last couple of weeks was certainly not easy, that I can tell. Apart from homework that casually included reading 3 chapters and 8 learning goals to do within one or two days, we need to prepare for our upcoming exams. Oh, and by the way we need to run a household, but at the moment let us just pretend that part doesn’t exist just like university does.

But let’s be honest here: Being a student in Maastricht has its advantages, too. We basically live in a city surrounded by people around our age. And next to university, there are other things we learn about life as well. Cooking for example. I’ve been wondering for quite a while before I came here why students eat so much pasta. Well, now I understand and I myself have my very own collection of pasta to chose from. It is quick, it is easy and you don’t have to waste your time on washing the dishes for 20 minutes because the grease from the pan won’t come off. Instead I use those precious 20 minutes procrastinating with an episode of the Big Bang Theory, but that’s another topic.

Well, speaking for myself I can only say that living on my own while managing my studies is not the easiest thing I’ve been through. All I can hope for is that it pays off at some point, but until then I wouldn’t mind having a genie in the bottle helping me out.

written by Didem Aksakal

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