The Ultimate Bucketlist

Maastricht is a beautiful little dutch town here in southern Limburg. For some students, Maastricht is already completely discovered after a couple of months, but I dare to say there is so much more to do!

bucketListAs a Maastricht University Student, you have the obligation of discovering as much as possible. University classes are wonderful, of course, but what about the party life? Whether you are in a student association, or you just like to party sometimes at Double Trouble you MUST go to the big parties from Scope like the Winterball or the Boatparty, or the various Partylovers parties.

But most parties don’t go as long as you are willing to stay. So there is the alternative everyone (drunk enough) goes to: the alla. The alla is a must visit if you study in Maastricht.Why? Because the experience you make there is definitely one of a kind and to all the people who snort when you say the word alla, you will probably meet them there tonight.

Second point on the bucket list would be Maastricht itself. Wander around, discover Maastricht.I know it sounds obvious, but I have met a lot of people who haven’t seen that much yet. You would be surprised at what you would find, e.g. the caves or the St. Petersburg. Especially if you live on the west side of the maas, you should go and discover wyck on the other side since it has cute cafes (e.g. Cafe Zondag) and pretty shops.

Especially International Business students do not see the necessity to learn Dutch since their studies is in english anyways. But out of respect to the country you’re living in and the opportunity for first year students to take a free dutch course, you should recognize that chance and go and learn a few words, even if it’s just „hoi“ and „hoe gaat het“. Dutch students appreciate it and it’s quite fun to start to learn a new language. Also Carnival is a huge deal here and celebrated in a big manner Maastricht and is another good way of getting to know Dutch culture.

I youtubed “maastricht university library exam week“ when I first started to study and laughed but 7 weeks later I was almost in the same situation and thought this is not nearly as funny as it looks like on the internet. It’s quite crazy so you should at least experience it once.Additionally, you should try real Belgian waffels (or just go to the vrijthof and buy a pinky one).If you want to get out of Maastricht for a little while, a definite to-do would be Kingsday in Amsterdam in Spring. Or you should head over to Liege or Brussels to experience Belgium a little bit, some nice chocolate and waffles. The Christmas market in Aachen is quite nice, (nicer than the one in Valkenburg). Everything is quite close and easy to reach so why not travel if you have a couple of days of?

Let us know what’s on your bucket list during your studies!

written by Georgia Kollbach

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