A premiere, the first SCOPE Maastricht City Trip

“Why did we not plan a trip here before”, I asked my friend while looking at the historic buildings. Even though we are only a little more than an hour away from Maastricht and just staying for one day, it is nice to have a little change from our everyday life without paying a lot of money or having to organize everything ourselves.

Last Wednesday SCOPE Maastricht organized their first one-day City Trip to Brussels. In the morning, we went to the European Parliament, the universally known place of interest in Brussels. Even though they mixed up our reservation, so the lady gave us a basic (9th-grade) presentation on the Parliament, Europe, and Politics, it was interesting and nice to refresh our knowledge.

After a delicious lunch, including a deluxe sandwich from our well-known sandwich supplier “Something Good”, we headed off to get a company presentation at PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), one of the big four auditing firms, along with Deloitte, EY and KPMG. As measured by 2014 revenues they are the world’s second largest professional services network. The presentation was very informative. I now even know about each position and the appendant car to it. So, if you are on the bottom of the food chain at PwC, you still get an Audi A1.

After the business part of the trip, we were following our talented South- American guide ‘Fernanda’ through Brussels. Some of us indulged on a delicious belgian  waffle while others were looking at the historical buildings or buying souvenirs. Since it was a SCOPE trip, the day needed to end with a beer for sure. To satisfy our cravings, we went to the Delirium, a cozy pub, which offers more than 2000 different beer brands. After two hours, we sadly needed to leave this heavenly place again to head back to Maastricht.

All in all, I can say that I feel like the trip was a huge success. For only 15 euros/p.p. we had a great day in a beautiful city, got an impression of a very successful company, visited the Parliament and even got a good lunch and a beer. I am already excited for the next City Trip!




written by Helen Backhaus

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