A talk with… the Social Activities Coordinator!

Are you considering joining Scope Maastricht’s Board and want to have a fun position that’s in charge of e.g. parties? Then check out the Social Activities Coordinator Position!


Being the Social Activities Coordinator is not always easy. The job is not always glamorous, since nobody thinks that organizing parties and the foreign trip is fun.

Gotcha! This is one of the best jobs you can imagine as a student. You gain a lot of experience in team work, scheduling events parallel to your studies and meeting tons of new people and making new connections every day that are not only valuable for your events but also for yourself. Being a team player is key but also having the drive and believing that you can organize an event and make it successful. The advantage of my position and for my teams is that we can see the results instantly and work on improving ourselves and the events we organize.

Okay, on some days I have to party to 3 o’clock in the morning and get up the next day at 9 for my office hours, because nobody wanted to switch with me in the afternoon. However, most of the time I had an amazing night and got rewarded by 400 people celebrating the event we organized! Besides the parties I am also responsible for the Foreign Trip committee. Together we organize, plan and best of all go on the trip with 35 students from the SBE. This year we will be going to Athens and I cannot wait to experience this unique city and have an unforgettable trip together with a group of amazing people!

I work about 20-25 hours for SCOPE Maastricht every week, but it’s worth it and if I say “work” I mean organizing, planning and executing whatever you and your team have in mind and want to do! Next to that there are a lot of fun events that I get to join.

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht SAC next academic year feel free to contact me at social@scope-maastricht.nl or join us at our Board Recruitment Information Evening!

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