A talk with… the Academic Activities Coordinator!

Dreaming of a board position at SCOPE Maastricht but still not sure which one? Why not consider the role of the Academic Activities Coordinator? It’s the perfect mix between studies and fun!

11023110_10205152729969291_1303463924_nAcademic Activities Coordinator. That is a long name for something you expect to be rather boring. But let me tell you, you do not have time to get bored. The AAC is maybe not the most fun position when you hear from it in the first place, but I am hoping that after reading this you are convinced to apply for the most attractive position in the board of SCOPE Maastricht!

But before talking about my position, let me introduce myself. I am Felix, 19 years old and from Hamburg, Germany but lived most of my life in The Hague and London. I am a second year IB student and started the most amazing year of my life where I experienced so much and so many different things at the moment when I started being the AAC 2014/15.

So what does it mean to be the Academic Activities Coordinator? It means being responsible for 2 committees, in total 8 really nice people with who you are spending a lot of time throughout the whole year. It means organizing 2 Study Trips (this year it is Gdansk and Barcelona) and being the one for all academic activities SCOPE Maastricht is offering. 11039665_10205152732009342_1554755476_oThis includes Extra Tutorials, Exam Trainings, Summaries, Workshops, Guest Lectures, one-day trips and any other academic event you can possibly think of.

It means having meetings with all the important people from university and fighting for your association to get the best value for students. It means having fun with all the active members every week at the Preuverij and of course with your board! But it also means a lot of work, being willing to work harder than most of your fellow students and experiencing  more than you can imagine in one year.

I hope I convinced you that you should apply for the AAC and did not scare you too much, it is a lot of work, but every time I feel stressed, I know something fun will follow immediately! If you are still unsure, just ask anyone from one of our committees and they will tell you about their experience and tell you how much fun it is!

If you are interested in becoming the next SCOPE Maastricht AAC next academic year, please contact me at academic@scope-maastricht.nl, come by the office and talk to me personally or just send your CV and motivation letter to secretary@scope-maastricht.nl 

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