UMbeatable Spirit for the Royals Cup!

Have you already heard of Royals Cup? No? Since a lot of you might have negated knowing the event, THE SCOPE Blog thought it would be nice to let them introduce theirRoyals Cup 1selves. So here we go:

Have you always felt a little nobler, than others? A little more regal, supreme or stately? More ROYAL?

Don’t worry if your answer was “no” and you have a more grounded, healthy perspective on life – because we are about to change all that!

The ROYALS CUP is a new event organised in Maastricht that will allow you to show off our amazing SBE spirit. During the weekend of June 12 we are hosting a European sports tournament in which several European business schools will join us to compete for the ROYALS CUP. Forget Polo, Golf or Sailing; we have chosen the favourite sports of the people: Hockey, Relay Race, Rowing, Handball, Basketball, Football, Volleyball and Cheerleading. Of course we will rely heavily on our home advantage and as tribute for your support we have some supreme parties lined up for the weekend. Be sure to also look out for the ROYALS CUP events leading up to the event in the next couple of weeks. With more than 20 students from SBE we have a strong active member that is working hard to realize this event for YOU. They have already embodied the ROYALS CUP spirit and without them there surely would be no event.

So if the UM Spirit, Amazing Parties, Competition still do not convince you then we will have to revert to simple humility (that always seems to resonate well with the peasants): Our event is of course nothing without you – the students of SBE and Maastricht University. Therefore we hereby, cordially invite you to partake in the ROYALS CUP 2015 and make this event a success by showing these other Universities who we are!

No matter who you are, royalist, student or commoner – save the date for ROYALS CUP! Spread the word and invite your friends from Europe to compete against us and explore Maastricht.

Royals Cup 2

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