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Do you like your life here in Maastricht at the SBE, but you are still looking for something more? Maybe a challenge or some fun people to work with? Are you interested in Finance & Accounting?

If you can answer those questions with a yes, I have a perfect offer for you: Join the board of SCOPE Maastricht! My name is Fabian, I am a second year IB student and most importantly currently I am the treasurer of SCOPE Maastricht.

So, what does it mean to be treasurer? As you probably imagined, the overall task is to take care of the financial health of SCOPE Maastricht. However, if you picture me only sitting in the office all day crunching numbers, luckily you are wrong. Of course, part of the job is to keep the bookkeeping straight and process all the payments in order to make our events and activities happen and run smoothly. Another major part of my duties is the collection of the yearly membership fee. So if you have ever wondered who that guy is, sending you messages that we will collect money from your account, you are right, that’s me. Dealing with these processes helped me get a better understanding of accounting and also helped me with the courses of university in that field. Apart from those technicalities, one of the treasurer’s main task is to set up a budget for the whole financial year. This includes figuring out the best allocation of SCOPE’s resources. Of course, every one of your fellow board members wants a big piece of the cake for his or her activities, but it is your job to judge how to distribute the resources in order to align this allocation with the overall mission of SCOPE Maastricht. Furthermore, the treasurer represents SCOPE Maastricht to various external parties: You are part of the overall control body of the SCOPE framework, you regularly meet with the treasurers of the other associations to discuss financial matters, you are in close contact with the bank. What sets the position of the Treasurer mostly apart from all the other board positions (except for the president, he also suffers the same loss like me) is the fact that I do not have a committee to guide. However, everywhere I go and everywhere I am, many people surround me: Whether it is on Tuesdays having a drink or two with the actives in the Preuverij or during the various trips you get to join. As a last resort you always have your fellow board members around you, which brings me to my last point: The most important and valuable experience is to work closely together with five terrific people. You will share a lot of fun and awesome moments with them during your board year, which you will never forget.

So, in short: being in the board of SCOPE Maastricht as the treasurer makes you develop both professionally as well as personally and is an experience you’ll never have in your life again.

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht treasurer next academic year feel free to contact me at treasurer@scope-maastricht.nl or send your CV and motivation letter to scretary@scope-maastricht.nl.

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