A talk with.. the Secretary

Secretaries only assist the big bosses. Secretaries do not have a say when making decisions. Secretaries only do easy, administrative tasks. All those prejudices have one thing in common: They are wrong!

Being the secretary at SCOPE Maastricht is much more than fulfilling the clichés. First of all, I am the backbone not only to my own board but to all SCOPE associations. Whether at the control body meetings, within the database, or concerning the internal coordination, it is my job to work accurately, organized and professional so that my colleagues are able to rely on me and can execute their tasks even more effectively.

However, besides the internal support I also have a representative role and am the first point of contact for any of our stakeholders. Answering emails, posting announcements on Eleum, managing our Facebook account and updating the SCOPE Maastricht website are all routine tasks that fall within my PR responsibilities and are on my agenda on a daily basis. A perk of doing all those tasks is that I have my very own office desk and computer over which I can reign and rule! Another task and very creative task of mine is any kind of design activities. This year I have designed a newsletter template, a banner, a new brochure and some more projects.

One of my favorite tasks as the secretary is the work with my PR committee, 5 girls writing blog posts for THE SCOPE Blog. We regularly meet up to discuss upcoming posts, strategic decisions, promotional ideas or sometimes also to just chill out and talk about what is going on in each others lives.

I have never regretted to have taken on the position as secretary within the board of SCOPE Maastricht and enjoy every moment of it. Already now I can say that I have greatly enriched my practical skills, have made some unforgettable experiences and have met a bunch of amazing people along the way. In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht secretary next academic year feel free to send your CV and letter of motivation to secretary@scope-maastricht.nl or contact me at secretary@scope-maastricht.nl if you have further questions!IMG_0701IMG_0689IMG_1416

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