A Spanish “runaway”

In the early morning of April 16th, 24 young hopefuls of Maastricht University embarked on an adventure to one of Europe’s hottest and vibrant cities; Barcelona.

During this 4 day Study Trip organised by SCOPE Maastricht we not only visited some of Spain’s most spectacular sights, think of the Sagrada Familia and Park Güell, but also 3 very motivating companies. All these companies expressed their challenges, opportunities and achievements from which we, as the next generation business stars, learned a lot.

Next to enhancing our professional skills we also excelled on a personal level. Being dropped in a group of students you don’t know was a great way to make new friends. Together we discovered the beautiful little shopping streets, chilled out on the rooftop terrace where the Mediterranean sun shined in our faces and danced the night away in some of the fanciest clubs this city has to offer!

Overall, it truly was and unforgettable experience and one we wouldn’t want to miss for the world.  We would like to take this opportunity again to thank the organising committee for all their effort and if you ever have the chance to join one of the SCOPE Maastricht Study or Foreign Trips make sure you do so because you will cherish it for a lifetime!

Written by: Valérie de Saegher 

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2 Comments on “A Spanish “runaway”

  1. Love the article and the nice pictures.
    Thank you for an amazing trip, guys!
    <3 Jan

  2. Love the article and the nice pictures.
    Thank you guys for an amazing trip!
    <3 Jan

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