It’s Healthy Sunday! This Week: Workout Routines

After last weeks kick-off it is now time to work on that summer body of ours. Do the following exercises 3 times a week next to your normal workout routine and you will have the body you’ve always dreamed off within no time! The complete workout lasts around 10 minutes given that you do each exercise for 2,5 minutes.

photo 1

Start today and say hello to tomorrow’s killer body!

#1 Around the world-plank
- Start this exercise in the plank-position.
- Place your hands and toes on the ground while creating a straight line
- Lift your left arm and your right leg at the same time
- Keep it up in the air for 5 seconds
- Change, and again maintain the position for 5 seconds
- Do this exercise for 2,5 minutes
NOTE: Keep your back straight at all times and breath normally

photo 3#2 Sumo squat
- Place your feet a little wider than your shoulder width
- Make sure that your toes are pointing outwards
- Go down in a squat position (same direction as your toes)
- Keep your back straight and your feet on the ground
- Move your butt out, as if you were sitting on a chair
- Repeat the exercise for 2,5 minutes
NOTE: Keep your back straight by looking forward

#3 Reach for the sky-plank
- Start this exercise again in the plank-position
- Rest on your left arm (sideplank)photo 2
- Point your right arm towards the ceiling
- Bring your right arm back down and cross it under your body
- Place your body back into the plank-position
- Repeat the exercise for 75 seconds
- Change on the other side
NOTE: Keep your back straight

photo 4#4 Front lunges
- Begin the exercise in a standing position
- Take one big step to the front and bend your knee
- Put your hands straight in the air for support
- Make sure that your knee doesn’t touch the ground
- Go back to centre position
- Repeat this move 5 times and then change leg
- Keep it going for the next 2,5 minutes
NOTE: Keep your back straight and don’t place your legs too far apart

Written by: Valérie de Saegher

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