Cheers, “jamas”, στην υγειά μας!

“Jammmas”, Jan shouted while standing up on a table in the streets of Athens cheering at the rest of us. It is a warm night, we are sitting outside a little restaurant, eating “Mussaka”, drinking red wine and reminiscing about the fun days we had on the SCOPE Foreign Trip to Athens. Here is my little diary:

Day 1:

When we arrived in Athens it was still  enough time to visit the Akropolis and the Panthenon on it, our amazing guide Sophia told us stories about Greece, I now for example know that the hill is called Akropolis, while the temple on it is called Parthenon – that is progress! At night we all had dinner at a traditional greek restaurant and after a few glasses of wine we all loved each other already.

Day 2:

Time for the most amazing day evvvveer! On our second day in Athens we spent the whole day on sailing boats. A few words should describe the amazingness of this day: Sangria, Sun, Sea, Happy People, Swimming, Greek Food, Friends and Talks. At night we went clubbing, which was pretty great too (all details censored).

Day 3:

Time for the city game.Due to several challenges we had to pass, I ended up in boy’s clothes, danced with an old greek man, got a free ouzo and sang ‘Angels’ on top of a mountain- fun. At night we went clubbing again, which was pretty great too (all details censored).

Day 4:

Time to sleep in.. just kidding. In the morning, we went to visit the Akropolis museum, not tired at all, we were all thirsty for knowledge. Afterwards, we had time to stroll around the streets of Athens and had a native lunch (Gyros, the 9th). Later at night, we did a Pub Crawl ( most details censored). It was a really relaxed night, we drank fancy cocktails, listened to greek ghost stories and had a nice dance and sing at the last bar.

Day 5:

Time to bring some purpose to the trip. Our first company visit was at Ernst & Young, one of the Big 4 audit firms. It was interesting to listen to the opinion on the greek situation of a company that is not majorly affected by the crisis. Afterwards we spent the rest of the day on the beach.

Day 6:

Time to bring some more purpose to the trip. In the morning, we visited Hellenic Aerospace, the leading aerospace company in Greece, taking a great deal of subcontracting work with major International Aerospace companies like Airbus or Boeing. Sticking with the theme, we went to visit Aegan Airlines. All companies were really welcoming and open to answer all of our questions.

written by Helen Backhaus


And here are some pictures:

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