Awesome Active Member Weekend

Before I joined SCOPE on this adventure, I was clueless about what to expect about the people, personalities, and power the board members would have on us. The only thing I knew is that we wouldn’t have any connection and it would be a ton of fun. Before this experience, I was mostly only close to my committee, but I wouldn’t say the same now. Before the weekend, I was contemplating whether to go because I did not know what to expect at all.

During the member weekend, we would get a lot of “Since we love our actives…..” by the board members. This sentence meant something crazy was coming our way. By doing all the activities, we saw the best and the worst of everyone. Scope as an association really brings together everyone and is not only created for the committees, but so that we have social events where we get to know each other better.

Some of the activities we did included a cantus, with hilarious punishments, morning activities, and sleepless nights.

I thank the SCOPE board for organising such an amazing weekend and cherish the friendships I made that weekend.


Written by Karina van Hoek

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