The interview or meeting can be your runway but deciding what to wear to which event can be an overwhelming challenge. With a little help however it’s not so bad.

What you need is a quick and easy cheat sheet you can always come back to when matching together your outfit. Lucky for you, we provide you with an emergency dress code sheet that can help you last minute to find the perfect outfit and make the next important interview a breeze. Check out the informative infographic from Mannix Marketing below.

Here are five know-hows for your next important occasion; be it an important soiree, meeting or interview.

1.     Business Formal: Conservative colours

Business Formal is commonly referred to as a full suit set for both men and women. When choosing your suit set, conservative colours like black and navy are most appropriate. Match it with a clean and button down shirt with a collar, tuck it in and you are good to go. For him: do not forget your tie and belt and for her: hosiery is a must!

2.     The fit is all that matters

You do not want your suit to be too loose or too tight. Therefore, if you are unsure about your clothing fit ask a friend or family member to take a look. Even minor adjustments like shortening the sleeve length can improve your outfit significantly.

3.     Business Casual: What it is NOT

Anything that is revealing, tight, see-through is off-limits, as are baseball hats, flip-flops, jeans, and hooded sweatshirts. Don’t let the word casual mislead you. You are not going to the Alla or to a sports event and you still need to look professional.

4.     Less is more

When going to an interview less is more is a good advice to follow. A little make-up is better than none but do not overdo it. You want to look natural. Leave your dominant perfume at home and go for a light option. Plus, although your new tie is probably crazy fancy, please choose a more conservative colour. And girls: wear simple and elegant jewellery, reserve your heels for the club and choose lower conservative heels or flats instead.

5.     More is more

This concerns mostly girls. In the preparation of your interview more is more should not be forgotten. When choosing your skirt length remember that it should be knee-length and that little cleavage is the appropriate go-for. But let’s finish this – we are starting to sound like your mom.


Good luck, champ. Whatever you wear, you probably look better than you think.


Written by Philina Kuhzarani

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