Stressed? Don’t worry!


It’s the night before your exam and you hate yourself for not having been one of the Germans racing into the library the week before? Your presentation is in the morning and you’re regretting all those one token beers at Double Trouble last night as you scramble to put the slides together? Your internship interview is tomorrow and you’re stressed to the max?


Although fun, student life can be full of stressing, anxiety-inducing experiences. Here are some of the best ways to cope with it all!


1. Be Prepared

Your frame of mind is very important before undertaking any difficult task and it is vital that you are as relaxed as possible. Make the morning of your event as straightforward as possible by doing everything you can the night before; pack your bag, lay out your clothes, prepare your food etc. By making your morning as smooth as possible you can focus on the task at hand.

You really don’t want to be halfway to that finance exam when you notice you forgot your calculator…


2. Fake it ‘til ya make it

Instead of thinking of every possible thing that can go wrong, take a positive approach and tell yourself you can do it, it will be fine etc. Thinking negatively is only going to cloud your mind and make it even harder to remember what you learned in that tutorial six weeks ago. Even if you don’t believe it at first, many studies show that optimistic affirmations have a positive impact on problem solving, so it’s worth a shot!


3. Meditate

No longer reserved for the hippies of the world, meditation is becoming increasingly popular. If you have 2947905 things going through your mind, it can be a good way to clear your head and increase your focus. Research has also shown it can help with stress, creativity, anxiety and relationships. YouTube has loads of guided meditations or you can try Headspace App’s 10 day free trial!

Written by Sarah Keane and Karina van Hoek

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