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Le Marais Deux & KOFFIE

Located: Maastricher heidenstraat 6
Perfect for: coffee, pie, soup, clothing, and furniture

Welcome back in Maastricht, are you ready to kick your next semester off with a new place to be for the best coffee in town? In walking distance of the SBE and the library, there is a cool hotspot located just to make you feel comfortable for a nice study break or some social time with friends. “Le Marais Deux & KOFFIE” is a concept store for outlet clothing, art, furniture and more. There is a perfect relaxing atmosphere to enjoy a delicious cup of coffee. Maartje and Joost are always ready for you to serve you the best treats available, from self-made courgette soup to self-made chocolate merengue pie. Just try it yourself!

Insiders tip: I am a big fan of the banana bread. Sweet, delicious and (kind of) healthy!

Written by: Astrid Charlotte Florax



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