A talk with…. The president of SCOPE Maastricht!



The SCOPE Blog is offering you special talks with the Scope Board 2014-2015. This week: the president! How is life as a Scope president and what are your roles and responsibilities?

The job description of SCOPE Maastricht president is not easy to describe because it changes every day. One thing is for sure though, whether it is developing the strategy of the association, attending meetings with all kinds of different parties, making sure our event portfolio is aligned with our stakeholders’ interests or trying to solve different kinds of crisis, the job never lacks work. Here’s what a “typical” day could look like as the president of SCOPE Maastricht!

Every morning, when I get to the office, I expect lots of emails concerning all kinds of different issues. As a president, you should always keep track of all the projects happening in SCOPE Maastricht and be ready to solve any issue that could happen. For this reason, giving recommendations to my fellow board members or making quick decisions to make sure a project can go on is one of the few tasks that is done every day. However, you often get contacted by unexpected (and sometimes very random) external parties concerning possibilities for collaborations, so you should always be prepared to jump from one topic to another. That’s where coffee comes useful if you want to survive the day.

Another task of the president of SCOPE Maastricht is to make sure things run smoothly within the SCOPE framework. As you probably already know, SCOPE consists of 4 specialized associations that form a framework which targets all studies at the SBE. Every year, we strengthen the collaboration by actively working on new projects to the benefit of the SBE student. These projects take a lot of time to set up and plan, which is why they require a lot of meetings. Most of my contact are done with the other presidents, and additionally, once a block, the student representative and a university representative joins to form the control body. These meetings are really interesting since there is bound to be disagreements and differences of opinions, and trying to figure out compromises is often hard but becomes an extremely useful skill.

Finally, I think I should mention the balance between my university work, my SCOPE work and my free time. It is often exhausting to finish with your work in the office and go home only to realize you still have some work to finish for one of your classes. However, the moment you finish your homework and you get some time off for yourself, you understand that you’ve actually been productive during the day. I remember when I was in my Bachelor, too often I just felt like I was wasting my time and I just sat there, bored… Well I definitely never felt that way ever since I joined SCOPE… As for enjoying the student life, I still enjoy every Tuesday night at the Preuverij with all our active members and the other associations which is also a really enjoyable reward for the work you put in every week.

In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht president next academic year, feel free to contact me at president@scope-maastricht.nl or send your CV and letter of motivation to secretary@scope-maastricht.nl


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