A talk with… the Vice-president!

Being the vice-president of SCOPE Maastricht, I am not just a second kind of president. Besides being the attorney of the president and representing SCOPE Maastricht to outside parties, I also organize a broad range of activities that are very diverse and interesting.


Current Vice-President of Scope Maastricht, Carolin van den Adel

One of these responsibilities is to be the head of the MyBuddy Committee. This allows me to meet a lot of interesting international regular and exchange students. Because – let’s be honest here- how often do you really get a chance to meet one of the many exchange students walking around at the SBE, besides maybe one exchange student that happens to be in your tutorial? The MyBuddy program, that was only founded last year, allows you to do just that. This semester we have around 200 participants!

Together with my committee, with whom I have regular meetings, I organize several social activities to bring these 200 students closer together. An example of such an activity is the MyBuddy Walking dinner. A fun part of organizing these events is that, as one of the hosts, I had the opportunity to cook for and meet 18 new people in only ONE evening in a more personal setting. Another great example is the Cave Tour we offered twice this year, in smaller subgroups not only the exchange students but also regular students get the chance to discover Maastricht’s underground.

Since the MyBuddy program was only founded so recently, it’s important for me to continuously work on the growth and strategy of the program. Therefore, I sometimes also get the chance to travel to and give speeches at conferences such as the Buddy conference which was held in Maastricht this year and get inspired, share stories and learn from other Buddy programs.



The MyBuddy Committee 2014/2015

I am also the head of the Symposium Committee which I founded this year. Together with my six active members I created a new inspiring event for SBE students. Many universities have Symposia so now it was time that SCOPE Maastricht took over the responsibility of offering interesting panel discussions and company presentations to students.  As the chairman of this committee you are a lot in contact with the university and its different faculties as well as with the other associations.

When I am not working together with one of my committees, I organize SCOPE Maastricht alumni drinks.  It is always interesting to have a chat with our alumni in an informal setting and get to know them better, get advice and have a fun evening together. Furthermore, I am also responsible for the cooperation with the Study store and the entire book sale at the SBE.

To conclude I can say that even though I do put in around 20-25 hours a week, it is very rewarding and fun to be the Vice-President. In case you are interested in becoming the SCOPE Maastricht Vice-President next academic year feel free to send your CV and letter of motivation to career@scope-maastricht.nl or contact me at vicepresident@scope-maastricht.nl if you have further questions!


The Symposium Committee 2014/2015


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