MyBuddy Walking Shots and Arctic Heat Party

Do you all stil remember the MyBuddy Walking Shots and the legendary Arctic Heat party? It’s been a while, but such a night is hard to forget!

Let us help you refresh your memory:

The night started off with the MyBuddy Walking Shots. There were many people and thus many groups, many different nationalities and of course, many shots! All groups visited all the different houses where (not so) delicious shots and the challenging games were waiting for them.

This was just the beginning of the night, we still had the Arctic Heat party to look forward to!

After visiting all the houses and drinking all the shots, it was time to go to the Arctic Heat organised by Partylovers and Royals Cup, and dance to the ‘rhythm of the night’. At the entrance, there were awesome people welcoming us with candy matching the theme: sexy eyes that were as cold as ice and hearts that were on fire. Meanwhile, the people on the dancefloor were already shaking to ‘B*tch Better Have My Money’ and ‘Crazy in Love’. The DJ made us forgot about the time so before we knew it, this amazing night had come to an end. Tired and with sore feet from dancing, we all went home with just one thing on our minds: The next Partylovers party!


Written by Marloes Pas


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